multiMenu 1.8 - final version: when multiMenu goes dynamics

solo71  08-Apr-2006 09:34 15841 Reads   47 Comment(s) 
multiMenu, final version is now available.

Resized ImageThis is a menu manager module which allows creating up to 8+2 custom, compatible and independently configurable menus (including dynamic and static links - standard menu, list, select boxes, context, dynamic, context and many more menus).

The huge change on this version concerns the templates management (no database change). To upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8, replace old files with new version, and update your module. For webmasters using “custom templates” you will need to update your custom templates manually through the template manager system.

The 1.8 is now compatible both with Xoops 2.0.x and 2.2.x version.

You can have a samples of this module on Arma sa.

-> Horizontal dynamic menu: header horizontal menu.
-> Vertical dynamic menu: Top left “Département” block.
-> Picture menu: Top center-center blocks (Toiture, bois de terrasse, Aménagements extérieurs) and Top right block (Aménagement intérieurs).
-> Scrolling picture: bottom right block (Nos Marques).
-> Context menu: right-click on page) – a clone of the header menu.

Along with this brand new version, we propose two version of the module:

>> multiMenu 1.8 – 8 menus <<

>> multiMenu 1.8 – 16 menus <<

Discussions about this new version have on the following forums:

- [BETA] multiMenu 1.8, when mm goes dynamics
- [TEST] multiMenu 1.8 beta, quand multiMenu devient dynamique

Many thanks to the members of the community who helped us with testing, coding and bug reports (you are too many to be personally reported here…)

A special thanks to Blueteen, who spontaneously joined me on the development of this module, and who’s has developed all the dynamic css and java aspect. This version of the module is on development since December 2005, and many many hours have been spent fixing all the problems such adaptation required.

A special attention has been spent to the documentation. Starting from how to use and configure the module, to the basis information on how to create your own custom menus. See the “help/guide” section in the module admin.

I would like to dedicate this version in the loving memory of my mother, Claire.

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