COPPA Registration System for 2.2.3.

m0nty  15-Nov-2005 03:46 13263 Reads  12
COPPA Registration is basically a modified profile module.

it is more a hack of the existing module rather than a new 1.

It allows webmasters to ask for age on registration and if user is under age they are directed to a registration system that needs parental verification to be sent.

COPPA Registration System (Hack) system: XOOPS 2.2.3 The purpose of this hack is to allow webmasters to enable COPPA like registration system. You can read more about COPPA at Admin Section: In the Preferences of Extended Profile General Settings: added options > Display Privacy statement? (enable sites privacy statement to be viewed on pages, is needed for COPPA compliance) Privacy Statement (this is where you enter your sites privacy statement, is needed for COPPA compliance) Enable COPPA Registration? Enter Minimum Age (this sets the minimum age for coppa registration) COPPA Fax Number (this is for you to give your Fax number for coppa request forms to be faxed to) COPPA Address (this is for you to enter an address for coppa request forms to be mailed to (snail mail not email)) User Side (Front End) when a user clicks register, they are greeted with a COPPA AGE Selection Form (only if enable coppa registration enabled), if enable coppa registration is disabled, normal registration is used without seeing the age selection. once the user enters their age, the system checks whether it is below the COPPA Minimum Age, if it is, then they are redirected to a seperate COPPA registration page, if they are older than the minimum age, then normal registration method is selected. The COPPA registration method is the same as with normal registration except for a few details (explained below). when a coppa user fills in the registration form and submits to register on the site, regardless of what settings you chose in admin for user activation, whether it be user (email, no activation required or admin), the coppa user will only be able to be activated by ADMIN. the user will not receive an activation key at all, the admin will then receive notice that a registration by COPPA user has been made. A Form will also be mailed to the users email address with a printable form for them to print out and have their parents/guardians to fill in and return to the webmaster via fax or post (snail mail) only then will the webmaster activate their account. a printable form will also be displayed on screen which they can print out if need be please be aware that there is no other check made on the age the user types in, they could easily lie about their age. But that is not the intention of COPPA, the rule is that you have done what you can . COPPA is not about restricting content for children, COPPA is only about the gathering of information and storing information of children under the age of 13/14 whether it be on registration forms, user surveys, user profiles or polls. New Files: profile\include\coppaforms.php profile\language\english\mail_template\coppa_adminactivate.tpl profile\language\english\mail_template\coppa_register.tpl profile\templates\profile_coppaform.html profile\templates\profile_copparegform.html profile\templates\profile_coppaselect.html profile\coppa.php profile\coppaform.php profile\copparegister.php profile\printable-form.html Edited Files: profile\language\english\main.php profile\language\english\modinfo.php profile\register.php profile\xoops_version.php < added config options & privacy info options etc > Xoops core files edited: xoops_root/register.php other additions themes/your theme/theme.html added privacy view select form to head section of theme (in addition to default notification select in the theme, note: your theme may not have this option in it, but if it hasn't then it's a great addition for you to add. add it just above the tag!!
<script type="text/javascript">

obj=document.getElementById(notifs_form);!("block")? "block" "none";  

obj=document.getElementById(privacy_form);!("block")? "block" "none";  

obj.src=!(obj.src==img_minus)? img_minus img_plus;  

for forum discussion see here download links & demo link are in the topic.
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