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An updated version of the News module is available.
For this moment this version is not a definitive version but a Release Candidate, so you should not use it on a production's website
This version corrects some bugs and add some new interesting features.

Brief Introduction to the changes
- Bugfix to attach zip files
- Correction, Php 4.2 is not anymore necessary
- Bugfix for some ISP
- Bugfix for kiovi
- Bugfix in "Enable authors to edit their posts"
- Bugfix, articles owned by Anonymous users
- Add : you can collapse some parts of the screen in the admin panel
- New indexes in the topics table
- Sql queries count was really greatly reduced
- Automatic generation of meta keywords and description if you have not entered them
- The module is capable to detect when a bot is reading the news to generate links to every pages from the module's index page
- It can also generate links for every pages of an article.

How to get the module
Simply go to its homepage :

Launch the folowing script :

At the module's homepage, you will find another archive called backend.php and
This file contains a modified version of the file backend.php and pda.php, copy them at the root of your Xoops website.
They are some corrected version of the original files provided with Xoops, they will respect the rights.

See it in action
You can see the module in action on this website
Have a look to the page's source code to see the automatic generation of keywords.


Corrections :
> News by this author, it was possible to call this page even if the module's option was desactivated
> It was not possible to join zip files to the news
> The complete error message was not showed when there was an error during file's uploading
> The module needed php 4.2 (with the Php functions array_fill() and flotval()) to runs now it respect Xoops's requirements so you can run it with Php 4.1
> I have changed some includes to use absolute paths even when the included file is in the current directory (problem int the module's admin on the french ISP called "Free")
> There was a bug when you was selecting kiovi as your editor
> A bug in the classical spotlight has been corrected following GlaDiaC's report (thank you)
> In the module's admin part, the new submissions was not sorted
> There was a bug with the option "Enable authors to edit their post"
> GIJOE's ticket class has been removed (it was causing too mutch problems and the next Xoops version has its own protection's system)
> A minor bug in the comments links has been corrected (thank you bosco)
> Under some circumstances, the submited articles was owned by the "anonymous" user.
> The topics description was not properly showing html codes
> The publish date and the expiration's date was not saved when yu was previewing a news ebfore to submit it (thanks King)

Additions/Changes :
> I have added, in the module's admin part, the same system that you can find in some modules (like smartfaq) to collapse some parts of the screen
> The page used to set permissions was changed. I have used the same system that you can see in the formulize module, in fact you can only set one type of permissions at a time.
> $HTTP_POST_FILES was changed to $_FILES (thank you eric_juden)
> I have added two indexes on the 'topics' table, 'topic_title' and 'menu', you can launch the upgrade script to modify your database
> The fields keywords and description, of the 'stories' table are now used in the module's search
> The number of sql queries used everywhere in the module was *greatly* reduced
> In the recent news and top news blocks, you can now use the folowing smarty variables to see your topic's description and picture
<{$block.topic_description}> <{$block.topic_image}>
<{$block.spotlight.topic_description}> <{$block.spotlight.topic_image}>
Still in those blocks, the "read more" link is not anymore visible if there's nothing more to see/read.
> If you have NOT selected to enter the meta description and keywords or if you have selected to enter them but did not made it for the current article
then the module will generate them automatically (like smartsection but with my own "engine" ).
> The module is capable to detect when a bot is reading the news to generate links to every pages from the module's index page.
It can also generate links for every pages of an article.
Idea suggested by xoops-tips and multimenu from Solo71, thank you both !

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