Modules  kiang  18-Aug-2004 07:01  2  4393 reads
I've tried to find a module which could make the job of translation being more convenient. But now I make a poor one...

I hope this module could be better soon. But my programing skill is as poor as my English. So I registed a project in Module Dev Forge. Hope somebody could improved it before the improvement of my skill...

1. better support for the 'quote' problem
2. support multi-line language definition
3. remove comments after '//' from language files
4. you could find more colors...^^||

1. remove comments which included by '/*' and '*/'
2. transform the PHP syntaxs to the target language files besides 'define'
3. fix the 'quote' problem more, ex. mixed usage with double and single quote
4. let it be like a module more...
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