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Dear Xoops users,

As administrator of the dutch Xoops Startpage daughter,
I'm trying to offer a good overview on Xoops and Xoops related links for international and dutch users.

To keep up with xoops, xoops related sites, I could use some suggestions from the community to keep value.
I simply can't manage to search all these millions of xoops sites throughout the WWW.(Which is a good sign)

If you want to get a mention on this page with your Xoops powered or Xoops related website, or if you have some interesting, helpful link suggestions feel free to mail me at with the url of your site/suggestion.

When you are familiar with the dutch language, fill out the mailform on

To the Xoops Dev Team: "Thanks for the amazing job on Xoops 2 !!!"

With kind regards,

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