The Future of the IPB 2.0 Module

gniknalu  28-Sep-2004 15:44  6253 reads  4
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Hello everybody,

Because of IPB, Inc has been charging us the cost for using IPB 2.0 Final, our X-IPBM F200 will not be free on this site ( and can not be downloaded (because I don't have permission to distribute them for use freely anymore).
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XOOPS now available with Gentoo Linux

Herko  23-Sep-2004 06:37  1845 reads  6
Today we got a note from one of the Gentoo Linux developers that XOOPS is now available through the Gentoo Portage application. This means that Gentoo Linux users can simply install XOOPS by typing 'emerge xoops'. Can't be much easier then that
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Tipsters Wanted

tl  16-Sep-2004 13:54  3846 reads  5
Since its launch three months ago, has enjoyed a bit of success. We are averaging over 1,000 unique visitors a month. We hope that our visitors have benefited from our contents.

We are calling for tips from the community. If you are posting a tip in the Xoops forums, please also consider posting it on our site, either registering with us to post or sending it through the feedback form. Xoops forums offer vast wealth of information on tips and tricks, but finding them is bit of tricky. We are hoping to build as a TIPs repository for easy searching. Please join us and look forward to seeing you in our site.

Thanks to Solo71 (Wolfactory) for contributions to the site.


tl ||
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Xoops Documentation Site is finally OPEN !

carnuke  13-Aug-2004 19:54  5199 reads  7
Fellow Xoopsers, I am very pleased to announce that the Documentation Site is finally OPEN ! The pile of dusty books have now been replaced with a relaxing but informative front page. We hope you enjoy your view ...

What will you find here? A place for everything related to Xoops Documentation and opportunities for everyone who wants to contribute or receive something about Xoops related Documentation.
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Ensim Power Tools and Xoops

Ritchie  24-Jul-2004 07:34  2127 reads  1
After an upgrade at the hosting company i found out that Xoops is now part of the Ensim Powertools package for the Ensim WeBB Appliance pro 4.0 version. This means Xoops is added and just 1 click away for many users around the world. The package is available for Linux and Windows.
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lavaburst  19-Jul-2004 08:12  2301 reads  11
Join the live IRC discussion on EFnet #xoops

Topics covered are installaition, theme development, module programming, and anything related to XOOPs2.

Link Here

Otherwise, just go to /server from your IRC client and join channel #xoops.

This channel is run by the community for the community.

Join us!
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CMS Find Thanks the Xoops Community

cmsfind  16-Jul-2004 04:09  3290 reads  0
When we started CMS Find we contacted developers of content management systems. The Xoops Community was the first to respond with worldwide support for the CMS Find project. As of 15 July you have 64 web sites in the Xoops category. Thank you for your listings. To add more websites just visit us at
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Oracle patents content management systems

1lnxraider  13-Jul-2004 13:41  4147 reads  4
Patent 6,745,238 was awarded to Oracle in June; it is titled "self service system for web site publishing." "The web site system permits a site administrator to construct the overall structure, design and style of the web site. This allows for a comprehensive design as well as a common look and feel for the web site. The web site system permits content for the web site to originate from multiple content contributors. The publication of content is controlled by content owners. This permits assignment of content control to those persons familiar with the content." This patent was filed in March, 2000; prior art should, one would think, be relatively easy to find. Refer to
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Free Software World Meeting

christian  11-Jun-2004 07:29  3969 reads  0
The ABUL associatin (Association Bordelaise des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres) organises his 5th "Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre" (Free Software World Meeting) (RMLL 2004).

This meeting will take place from the 6th to the 10th of July 2004 in Bordeaux (France). This year, the theme has been set upon the CMS. Several CMS groups have already accepted the invitation; Nuke, Zope, Spip, BolinOs, and OpenMCMS.
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French speaking Xoops Newsletter

christian  07-Jun-2004 09:25  4285 reads  3
Here is the latest Newsletter from the French speaking Xoops Network.

Resized Image

Summary :
- Editorial
- Les mésaventures de Xoops Modules
- Un évènement exceptionnel
- Le module du mois
- Un peu de vulgarisation
- Interview du mois
- Comment gérer les groupes
- Le module NewbbPro
- Evolution ou révolution

With courtesy of the French Network
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Using XOOPS in the Religious Community

Chappy  06-Jun-2004 06:39  6655 reads  13
This article was inspired by this thread in the forums. It caused me to gather longstanding thoughts about ministry and CMS's, particularly XOOPS.

As a result of that forum thread, I gave some thought to the use of Xoops in religious communities. Here in Dallas, where religion and tech go hand in hand (which, I suppose, has it’s own issues), it seems that every church has a web site. Indeed, they are ubiquitous. Most of them go unused, have stale content, and reflect little of the interactivity that we experience here at xoops.
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Xoops for Dummies e-book documentation

JackJ  31-May-2004 22:54  9465 reads  14
I have published Xoops documentation in the form of an e-book called XoopsForDummies. This e-book is in exe format and compatible with Windows. I am working on a pdf format version.

I also have a version online at

The aim is to give Xoops beginners a good all round understanding of Xoops. I have a lot more I wish to add, but one can go on and on editing and never publish anything.. So I thought I would release this at the stage it is.

The next version should hopefully have more in depth info and tutorials on specific modules etc.

Windows Exe e-book format Here

I realize the Xoops team are working on their own official version, but this will perhaps be useful until then, I hope so anyway.

Edit: HTML version available at my site


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French Newsletter #3

christian  03-May-2004 11:25  3637 reads  3
Resized Image


The third edition of the french XoopsLetter is out. You can read it here.

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Xoops one year on.

Auzze  02-May-2004 11:00  2898 reads  0

We at have been running xoops for just over 12 months now. It has been rubbing with no major problems other than a admin screw up...

So well done xoops team.

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XSAS 1.1 Released !!

w4z004  01-May-2004 23:55  17106 reads  19

Changelog :

1.1 - ActivePerl updated to;
- Apache updated to 2.0.49;
- MySQL updated to 4.1.1a-alpha;
- PHP updated to 4.3.6;
- PhpMyAdmin updated to 2.5.6;
- bugfix in Gui interfase "link to mysql site";
- Added more credits info;
- GD2 PHP extenstion working now;
- IMAP PHP extenstion working now;
- ZIP PHP extenstion working now;
- Moved php.ini to Apache2 directory;
- Moved the log files of apache to xsas\tmp directory;
- Updated: xsas\diskw\cgi-bin\.htaccess:
- Various grammar update for: xsas\diskw\home\admin\CGI;
- Placed a redirector for http://localhost/a/ to redirect to the xoops folder;
- Fixed some minor errors;
- Updated the soapbox module to the 1.5rc2
- Fixes and cleaning to the xoops preinstalled.

Can be downloaded [ HERE ]
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