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Xoops Mod Dev is alive and kicking

chippyash  15-Jul-2007 21:27  4613 reads  5
Following D.J's (phppp) decision to blank module development, a new site, has been born. All module developers are invited to join the site.

What's it about?

Simple really: Its a home for module developers to manage their work. It's new, the PM side of things is still being developed but in the meantime, mod devs are invited to join and give their views on how the site and organisation should be run. is a 'not for profit' community initiative
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PHP5 and MYSQL5 Questionnaire results

chippyash  15-Apr-2007 07:01  133389 reads  3
The results for this questionnaire are out. (See here for the original article, where you can still add your voice.)

In brief, some 70% or respondents are currently using PHP5 with the rest expecting to o over to it in the next 12 months. Only 40% of respondents are using MySQL5 and most of the others don't expect to upgrade for another 12 months.

See the full results at
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Questionnaire regarding Supporting PHP5 and MySQL5

chippyash  09-Jan-2007 18:07  6059 reads  12
Following Mithrandir's release of the excellent SmartProfile module for Xoops 2.0.16, the question of which version of PHP (and to some extent MySQL) should we as Xoops devs (both core and module) be supporting, has arisen.

To help in determining who is running what and where, and more importantly who will be running what in the future, I've put together a very simple and quick questionnaire at Please help us to gather some important information about your PHP and MySQL usage by completing THE QUESTIONNAIRE.

You will need to enquire of your hosters first, if you don't already know the answer.

Data collected here will be passed back to to help developers plan their strategies.
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Freeform Solutions is hiring a Web Developer

jegelstaff  15-Dec-2006 03:43  5990 reads  3
Freeform Solutions is very excited to announce that we have a full time, six month position open for a XOOPS developer/webmaster! For two and a half years, we have been using XOOPS as the backbone of the website consulting part of our business in the not-for-profit sector, and the time has come to formally expand our ranks.

Details are available here:
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Advance, Enhance and Improve Nuke ( is currently recruiting for staff. We are looking for developers of all skill and commitment levels as well as moderators and basic admin/steering staff.

The site covers the 3 main flavours of the CMS; PHP-Nuke, Post Nuke and, of course, the fantastic XOOPS.

If you are interested in getting involved at the root level with a nuke resource/development site, then look no further. Visit the site at (its still in development at time of writing this). Or email directly to Thanks.
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Xoops Jobs at

chippyash  19-Jun-2006 19:05  10304 reads  0 is pleased to offer the Xoops community a method of securing the right people for the job. Our Jobs ads section for registered users of the site will give you access to a world of talent and opportunity.

Simple line adverts can be placed free of charge for those seeking work. Organisations and individuals seeking help directly for themselves may also place free adverts. Agencies and those paid on commision to find talent will have to pay a small fee to place an advert. Please contact the site administrator for details.

Business Systems for Xoops
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SourceForge CVS Changes

gstarrett  14-May-2006 04:07  7530 reads  11
Attention users and developers who access the XOOPS source code through SourceForge's CVS services:
SourceForge has just completed rolling out a new CVS architecture, which affects the way we access the CVS servers. The hostname for CVS access has changed to "".

(check details ...)
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PHP on Oracle

dap997  13-Mar-2006 20:37  6510 reads  2
As usual i have small info about PHP and ORACLE.
If someone need it here
is small tutorial for Oracle XE and PHP(this version is free).

Have a fun
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WF-Projects is joining SmartFactory

Bender  19-Nov-2005 15:37  9303 reads  23
We like to inform you that effective immediately WF-Projects is joining into Marcans SmartFactory with most of the WF-Modules.

Against all our affords we have not been able to deliver new releases of some of the most favored modules for quite some time. Although a lot of rewriting to put the modules on a new foundation by John (to take care of some basic issues like querries, permissions that are hard to fix otherwise) has been done there is just not enough time available to finish this in a short timeframe. Additionally with the loss of a part of that work recently it has even gotten the situation worse. (life can be a pain ...)
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Developer News opens its doors!

phpfreelance  11-Oct-2005 17:46  4721 reads  0
This is just a short announcement to hail the arrival of:

The site is also known as and caters for all things PHP.
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Xoops 2.2 code documentation published at

sevak  23-Aug-2005 20:49  6208 reads  10 has published xoops 2.2 code documentation. It uses phpxref version of documentation. Referenced xoops code is available as part of doc.Doc is searchable for classes, function, variable and constants used in code. It will be valuable resource for xoops beginner. Experienced developers may take advantage of the doc as reference material for module developments. The doc will be also a good resource for any new php programmer as reference material.
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FCKeditor 2.0 Final for XOOPS 2.2

phppp  10-Aug-2005 18:57  22358 reads  55
The FCKeditor 2.0 Final for XOOPS 2.2 is released.

Download: ... 55&release_id=700&dl=1679

1 unzip the package and upload to XOOPS_ROOT/class/xoopseditor/
2 image/flash browse is disabled at this moment
3 flash button is enabled. However it is suggested to disable, from fckeditor/fckconfig-xoops.js

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Slight Delay in XOOPS 2.2 Release

Mithrandir  23-Jun-2005 19:16  3548 reads  4
XOOPS 2.2 was supposed to be released on June 30th (according to the Roadmap
but unfortunately, you will have to wait another week for that.

We are close to announcing the CVS Nightly to be ready for beta testing, but it will not be until this weekend that we will make that announcement.

Releasing a major change such as 2.2 with only a few days of beta testing would not be a responsible thing to do so therefore I am officially postponing the release until Sunday July 10th.

I hope you will like the changes and feel that they are worth the wait.

On behalf of the Core Development Team
Lead Developer for XOOPS 2.2
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XOOPS 4 "XooSphere" Development Roadmap published

Herko  01-Jun-2005 19:58  17864 reads  54
The XOOPS Core Development Team is very proud to announce the start of the public development of the Revolutionary step in web content management systems: XOOPS 4 (codename XooSphere).

XooSphere is the name for the XOOPS 4 dynamic web content management franework, a system built from scratch, based on a highly advanced architecture. The XOOPS 4 "XooSphere" Development Roadmap, detailing the new system and the development processes, is published today.
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CBB calling for team members

phppp  24-May-2005 12:16  6241 reads  1
CBB, the XOOPS Community Bulletin Board module, is now calling for team members.
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