Server maintenance in progress

Herko  31-Jan-2006 19:45  6716 reads   8 Comment(s) 
We're finetuning the database server as is has been giving us a lot of grief lately, so you may experience some outages. When this happens, it means we're restarting the server, testing configuration settings etc. I hope you understand this is for your surfing please ultimately

XOOPS Survey for marketing research project

wtravel  23-Jan-2006 17:34  6649 reads   8 Comment(s) 
XOOPS started a marketing research project with a group of students from the HES School of Economics and Business. One of project's goals is to find out what the community and visitors to the XOOPS site think of the product in general, and how XOOPS can be improved. For this purpose a survey has...

XOOPS For Dummies and MyPage Mirrored

JMorris  01-Dec-2005 12:57  9045 reads   9 Comment(s) 
As of recent, the XOOPS for Dummies guide was pulled offline. In the interest of maintaining this valuable resource to the community, the XOOPS for dummies documentation has been temporarily mirrored at MyWebResource.


The permanent home of the XOOPS for Dummies...

Cut your bandwidth bill by 75% using HTTP compression

brash  17-Oct-2005 06:17  5301 reads   No comments 
Resized Image IT Headquarters is pleased to present this article on enabling IIS 6 native HTTP compression for PHP. This how-to guide contains step by step instructions on how to enable native IIS 6 HTTP compression that will slash your bandwidth bill, and significantly increase end user experience due to...

Maximising your Google Ads revenue with Xoops

brash  11-Oct-2005 06:15  6478 reads   4 Comment(s) 
Resized Image IT Headquarters is pleased to present this article on maximising your Google Adsense revenue with Xoops. This article explores some basic principles of what is required to monetize your website, as well some methods for implementing Google Adsense into your Xoops site that I have done myself...

Implementing PhpAdsNew into your Xoops site

brash  12-Sep-2005 08:52  13513 reads   10 Comment(s) 
Resized ImageIT Headquarters is proud to present a comprehensive guide to implementing PhpAdsNew into your Xoops site. PhpAdsNew is one of, if not THE most popular ad management server on the web today and is very deserving of being on your short-list. For a long time the question of how to get a more...

Italian translation for XOOPS 2.2 is ready

blueangel  30-Aug-2005 12:58  5204 reads   2 Comment(s) 
It is now available the final version of the italian translation of XOOPS 2.2.x, made by XOOPSIT (, also thanks to all the feedbacks sent by the italian community of XOOPS.

You can download the final release from SuoloItalico (Italian Translation Project) on  

Xoops Norway reopened

earplane  15-Aug-2005 23:37  4389 reads   1 comment went down some time ago. Too bad, I thought, so I adopted the domain and set up a minimal support site.

The new version is not thought to be a major traffic site, it'll only be a place for downloading updated Norwegian language files for the core and the most important modules.


Some XOOPS Documentation Available

carnuke  31-Jul-2005 10:32  8450 reads   6 Comment(s) recently recovered from a hackers attack to its server. Unfortunately the Documentation Site is still closed and documentation is still not available to the general user.

I have decided to host on My personal website some backup files that I had saved during the documentation editing...

Software Patents: Defend The Future

Herko  05-Jul-2005 06:52  3537 reads   No comments 
On Wednesday 6th July (less than 20 hours from now) the European Parliament will have its last chance to prevent the implementation of the software patents directive. This directive is a USA style patents system on software that if passed will result in European software developers not owning...

Polish Xoops support RE-opened

Pic__  28-May-2005 11:28  3412 reads   No comments 
I'm very happy to announce that polish Xoops support is up ! You can find on site polish translations of modules, blocks, themes and many more.

Visit us on

Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

carnuke  24-Feb-2005 12:12  10976 reads   9 Comment(s) 
Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

If you are new to xoops there are now five more useful flash tutorials to help you through your first steps with administrating your site.

These tutorials are available as zipped downloads for you to view offline, or you can see them live without downloading...

XOOPS @ FOSDEM 2005 wants you!

Herko  20-Dec-2004 10:07  4947 reads   20 Comment(s) 
The FOSDEM Team put out a call for Presence at the next FOSDEM meeting that will be held feb 26-28 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. Dries of the Drupal Developers Team suggested we'd collaborate on this and get a CMS Developer Room and Booth there. I was thinking that this could be a good place to...

Best XOOPS Month Ever

Mithrandir  02-Nov-2004 08:18  4387 reads   12 Comment(s) 
October has turned out to be the best month ever for XOOPS - statistically.

On, the statistics show more than 1½ million page views in October alone and more than 100,000 downloads.

Since the facelift, we have had a steady 50,000+ daily pageviews. Since October 23rd, we...

Showing off XOOPS @ LinuxWorldExpo next week!

oddb0d  01-Oct-2004 08:58  3621 reads   4 Comment(s) 

If anyone's in London next Weds or Thurs then come along (if you're not already) to

I'll be on stand 192 with the people showing off what XOOPS can do.

See you there!

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