Acronym - new XoopsCode

Zirafka  24-Jun-2010 09:58  4988 reads   1 comment 
Do you want to have new XoopsCode? My Little hack add new XoopsCode like HTML < acronym > tag. Add new functionality is easy

First we need to create a directory in CLASS/TEXTSANITIZER new folder and call it "acr". In it are two files:

The first is "index.html" which serves as a basic protection...

Little hack of Runeher's "Lorem Ipsum ...

Zirafka  23-Jun-2010 07:11  5303 reads   1 comment 
Hi, "Lorem Ipsum Generator" from Runeher is useful module for all web designers. But now more useful

I translate module to Czech language (module don't use language files) and added "nicer style" to option menu.

Why hack? Because this module don't use Language files but all text are "hard" in...

x_movie 3 now plays videos on explorer 8

heyula  16-Jun-2010 23:09  5684 reads   8 Comment(s) 

We have edit jquery-1.4.2.js and change name to jquery.js and replace to x_movie/js/jquery.js

we've changed code is ==> name = name.replace(rdashAlpha, fcamelCase); <<= to:==> // name = name.replace(rdashAlpha, fcamelCase); <<=

and now xmovie 3 is working with All browsers.

If you want...

Comment system for any module

Runeher  30-May-2010 04:17  8951 reads   10 Comment(s) 
Resized Image

One day I was making a module that would benefit from having comments. I started to look into it but every road seemed a dead end. I started ask around but nobody thought it was possible since the module didn't use SQL.

I almost gave up and started looking into flat file comments, but then Culex...

„Browse in alphabetical order“ in the lexicon and ...

Zirafka  08-Jan-2010 15:17  6697 reads   11 Comment(s) 
If you want the module "Lexicon" show national characters in the block „Browse in alphabetical order“, you have a problem. The solution is simple:


function lx_alphaArray ()
$alpha = array();
    for (

Let it snow on your XOOPS website!

vamptrix  16-Dec-2009 17:37  6379 reads   15 Comment(s) 
Hello guys!

To get your site a bit more in the christmas/holidays mood, I've added some snow on my websites, and since everyone likes some snow this time of the year, here is how to do it yourself

This way doesn't require any module or hack and gives a nice effect (similar effect can be seen on...

Language problem with comments

Zirafka  22-Nov-2009 17:36  4479 reads   4 Comment(s) 
The Websites are quite often criticized that the authors of programs or other systems do not consider a different language than their own. So different numbers are displayed correctly in the original language, but in other languages they appear strange.

For example, if the original module is able...

Revolution Xoops Banner System!

slyss  11-Nov-2009 08:11  12639 reads   15 Comment(s) 
I have finally created 2 functions to place your BANNERS everywhere you want and to choose which BANNER to show!!!
Is very very simple. You have 3 options to place your BANNERS in blocks:

1. No banners preference: view random banner
2. Banner preference: view specific banner
3. Client...

Watermark Hack for Xoops Core Imagemanager

optikool  07-Oct-2009 22:09  6127 reads   11 Comment(s) 
This is a hack to xoops 2.3.3 which gives you the ability to add a watermark to images that you upload through the image manager.

The name of your watermark should be watermark.png and it should be located under uploads… /uploads/watermark.png. Replace the files located in the zip file with the...

Ajax block for the News module

Shiva  26-Sep-2009 10:56  7093 reads   5 Comment(s) 
Hi All,

I recently integrated jquery with the news module to create a new block. The new block makes a Ajax calls using jquery to refresh the news by filtering on the topics available. The block is based on the existing "recent news" block, so I have been able to utilize the code for that block...

Xurl XOOPSeditor QRCode

chco2  20-Sep-2009 18:24  6210 reads   1 comment 
[thumb]http://designburo.nl/ett2/modules/Xurl/images/xurl.png[/thumb]Resized ImageXurl QRCode enhancement for the XOOPS editor.

Resized ImageThe Xurl module already adds QRCode creation to your website. Yesterday a Wordpress Plugin has been released for allowing users to create...

Delete your temporary files in a easy way

DonCurioso  08-Aug-2009 16:35  10919 reads   10 Comment(s) 
From Hispaxoops & Celseven, we launch a little hack to help users with cache files deletion.

It´s a code implementation over Xoops called xDelCache, it deletes smarty_compile folder content & create an index.html file again.

If you need a fast way to delete it, we think this one more right way to...

Hack "splash screen"

marcetmaud  23-Feb-2009 19:15  7291 reads   4 Comment(s) 
Hello everybody,

This is a hack to display a splash home page "html". It is displayed one time by session or parametrable a during time.

With this page your site is preloaded in backgroung, and it's Quickly display, and keep the initial destination.

The installation is very simple:

1)copy the folder...

News 1.63 + Latestnews 1.72 - SEO optimization

laguna  19-Feb-2009 16:13  8527 reads   13 Comment(s) 
We all know the benefits of using friendly url on our websites. This increases the number of visits to our website being better indexed by search engines.


The user ElSanto webmaster of GuiaSexo offers the community the improvements made in two...

Xoops News SEO application

baro28  14-Dec-2008 13:22  9842 reads   15 Comment(s) 
Hi, Now news 1.56 seo aplication

1- xoops module news 1.56 to set up site
2- .htaccess your index upload
3- and xoops news Module Settings - Enable meta datas (keywords and description) to be entered ? ( turn YES )
4 - Add news, make sure to enter Meta keywords

Now sample news add

Resized Image
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