inconnue_team  06-Feb-2002 10:53  3721 reads  0
The newsletter for xoops is in test on my site Http:// , please , do not hesitate have raporté any met bugs! All the suggestions are welcome! The letter will be sent to test quite both days for evaluation! Then you for register, please , made out a will! excuse for my english but i am french Note - This is great news! Are you going to put this up for download? And is there a english version?
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French Language for FreeContent

Alain  03-Feb-2002 12:57  3020 reads  0
Hi there...
I have just translated FreeContent module to French language.
You can download it on Xoops France
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You want to integrate your old html-pages, your latest script, or simply an disclaimer into your Xoops powered site?
Now there is an solution! FreeContent.
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Uskola Gallery V1.02 available to download

aitor  31-Jan-2002 12:36  4025 reads  6
UskolaGallery v1.02 is available to download at Also a update version is available for UskolaGallery v1.0 and v1.01. Aitor Uskola
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FreeContent v0.20 - New Module (RC1)

SibSerag  30-Jan-2002 07:36  3304 reads  0
I have quickly coded an content include module.
(For my site, but you can use it as well. I hope RC2 has an equal module included))

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PayPal subscription site addon

theinternot  25-Jan-2002 20:48  10967 reads  7
I was very pleased to see that someone at phpnuke had developed and integrated paypal system for subscription based nuke sites.
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MSN Messenger Module available

Sircuri  25-Jan-2002 12:25  9085 reads  4
I have modified an MSN Messenger module to work with Xoops. I don't know the original author so i can't give any credit to him/her for his/her perfect work. Anyway. it works now under Xoops and can be downloaded from here: or from the downloads section on this site. Have fun with it. --------------------------------------- Dutch Xoops Support site at: Sircuri
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Gallery module for Xoops

aitor  25-Jan-2002 01:52  3415 reads  0
Uskola Gallery V1.0 is availabe to download at it has been translated to english, spanish and Danish. Aitor Uskola
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Glossary module for Xoops

pascal  24-Jan-2002 14:00  3714 reads  0
Glossary module created for Mpn has been adapted for Xoops. This new version (1.5) have a lot of modifications especially for the acces to the database and return page. The Glossary is available in english and french, we have added a install file, and a block whith a random definition... A demo is available on (test site) and you can download this module at Sorry for my bad english...
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i-Block Collection 1.0

MagicX  20-Jan-2002 13:46  3496 reads  0
The i-Block Collection 1.0 will be released tonight ! The first release includes only one sideblock, but many more coming soon.
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WAP Addon for XOOPS

Society  10-Jan-2002 19:45  4029 reads  0
I rewritten a old phpnuke addon to a new version and added them to xoops!
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Babe and Hunk A Day !!

farsus  09-Jan-2002 20:01  8084 reads  0

Admin Modul maneger logos

Babe a day

Hunk a day

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With gallery module, this CMS is perfect

Mr_DanGeR  05-Jan-2002 10:48  4072 reads  0
First of all sorry for my bad english.

I've been using postnuke for quite awhile now. If you going to ask me which permission system I prefer, I surely love xoops permission system. Easy to understand and set but 1 thing that my community site need that xoops don't provide, gallery module. With gallery module is out I definately will convert my postnuke site to xoops.

Another things you take layout seriously too. That what make xoops different from other CMS system available as GNU licence out there.
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NukeShop gets a facelift.

WildMan  05-Jan-2002 03:54  3442 reads  0
Come check us out. We are still on the hunt for developers and artists. We are trying to support many different Nukes. Also looking for server space. So give us a peek and let us know what you think.
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Module/Theme development for XOOPS?

webdesignhq  04-Jan-2002 21:49  4082 reads  0
Hi there, for some time now I have been developing Flash Modules & Flash Themes ( for Postnuke & PHP-Nuke, and I am just wondering how compatible the XOOPS module & theme system is... compared to Postnuke? I just downloaded the rc1 version, and am installing it, but would like some input before I start to work on converting my current modules/themes.... just to make sure there aren't going to be any major overhauls on the module system or theme system before the final release. Thanks! Jared
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