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News 1.63 + Latestnews 1.72 - SEO optimization

We all know the benefits of using friendly url on our websites. This increases the number of visits to our website being better indexed by search engines.


The user ElSanto webmaster of GuiaSexo offers the community the improvements made in two modules: News 1.63 and lastestnews 1.72.

The modules were tested on versions and 2.3.2 of XOOPS, without any problem, offering friendly url for the news category, the printable version and create PDF files.

Url examples

The instructions for the upgrade/installation, are in the folder SEO/seo.rtf

These are sites that are already operating on the hack: (also include xoModuleRewrite of DuGris)
EDIT: link removed because of content: http://removed

The hack requires that the server has enabled rewriting.

In local monde, uncomment httpd.conf file in the Apache server (#LoadModule rewrite_module modules / Finally, restart the server for the changes to take effect


News 1.63 SEO + Lastestnews 1.72 SEO
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Xoops News SEO application

Hi, Now news 1.56 seo aplication

1- xoops module news 1.56 to set up site
2- .htaccess your index upload
3- and xoops news Module Settings - Enable meta datas (keywords and description) to be entered ? ( turn YES )
4 - Add news, make sure to enter Meta keywords

Now sample news add

Resized Image good url ok :)

password :

?ebinkarahisar Kozlucakoyu
Kelkit Vadisi

Posted by Bar?? Demir

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jQuery's Quick Comment Hack for News Module

jQuery's Quick Comment Hack allow your site's visitors to post comments from article page directly.

Quick comment box will display at the bottom of the article instead of Post Comment button.

1. Download jquery.js file ( click here ), then upload it to modules/news/js folder.

2. Add this line to your theme.html between <head> and </head>:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/news/js/jquery-1.2.6.min.js"></script>

3. edit modules/news/templates/news_article.hml and replace:

<div style="text-align: center; padding: 3px; margin:3px;"


document).ready(function() { 
get("comment_new.php?com_itemid=<{$}>", function(data){ 
'#quickcomment').append(data.substring(data.indexOf("<form name='commentform'"),data.indexOf("<!-- End Form Vaidation JavaScript //-->"))); 

div id="quickcomment" style="text-align: center; padding: 3px; margin:3px;"><{$lang_notice}></div>

Don't forget to turn on Check templates for modifications via General Settings.

Demo: click here

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Xoops DHTML Hack V 2.6

The new Xoops DHTML Hack V2.6 for Xoops V has been released.
The new version provides you the following features:

* Multi Language Support for Instant Preview
* Support Multiple dhtml box in the same page ( for modules like news,articles etc )

You can download the new hack from

Thanks to for making donation to this project.

Please post your suggestions and feedback here or at


Resized Image : the future begins here
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My XOOPS hack with news module

Resized Image

Keep attention to the news module and blocks
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XCGAL - Search Patch 1.0

Xcgal Search Patch 1.0

Purpose of the Patch
This patch is created to improve the search feature of the XCGAL module. The patch will include search by category and also search by custom fields (if enabled)

The Patch is developed by Vinod Surendran (psindia) under the guidance and support from Mowffak Ali (

How to apply the patch

>> The Patch works for XCGAL Version 2.04

>> To install the patch just replace the original files in the XCGAL module with this patched files.

>> Remember to keep a backup of the original files.

The files structure of the patch (zip) is as follows:

¦ search.php
¦ thumbnails.php
| xcgal_search.html

You Can Download it from here

If you like this work then please donate to us at
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Xoops DHTML Hack V 2.5

The new Xoops DHTML Hack V2.5 for Xoops V has been released.
The new version has fixed some bugs on the movie section (ytube).
The new version carries features like adding alt tag to IMG , align text etc ..

You can download the new hack from

Thanks to for making donation to this project.

Please post you r sugessions and feedback here or at


Resized Image : the future begins here
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Elven Language Pack - Xoops 2.0.x

Resized ImageManke tanya tuula? Mankoi naa lle sinome? This is a complete Xoops 2.0.x Elven Language pack, you can have your core language running in elven, for the complaint little elfie, this means for you new D'n'D site or some of the new games coming out you can have a site in it's original language set.

This is a complete conversion of the main language files for the elven language you can enjoy your xoops in Elven. If you need a dictionary or a guide we can provide one to you please use our liaise form so you can continue to develop modules in elven.

I know I have travelled around and have noticed that people in some circles or another use this language to communicate and also have meetings in it.

I hope your magick and wicca circles as well as some gaming sites enjoy this language pack it is true to definitions. But I will tell you finding words for things like Authentication Key in elven was no not easy.

Dowload : (21 Kb) - Xoops 2.0.x
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Official Xoops Smilie Dictionary

The official smiley database has been published in the wiki, this is as a guide for smiles when you are extending your smiley database in xoops, I would love to one day see xoops have these all natively but I am unsure who should render them all.

This is the Basic Smiles Not all of these are currently in xoops, but you can get the full smiley database from chronolabs wiki or here at the xoops wiki.

Basic Smilies

- Your basic smilie.
- Winky smilie.
- Frowning smilie.
:-I - Indifferent smilie.
:-> - User just made a really biting sarcastic remark. Worse than a .
>:-> - User just made a really devilish remark.
>;-> - Winky and devil combined.
(-: - User is left handed
%-) - User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight
:*) - User is drunk
8*) - User is stoned on drugs
[:] - User is a robot
- User is wearing sunglasses
B - Sunglasses on head
: - User wears normal glasses
B-) - User wears horn-rimmed glasses
8 - User is a little girl
-8 - User is a Big girl
:-{) - User has a mustache
:-{} - User wears lipstick
{ - User wears a toupee
} - Toupee in an updraft

Wiki Link: XOOPS Smilie Dictionary
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SEO Paths & .htaccess

Well as you may have noticed I have been doing some examples in the wiki for .htaccess this is for primarily SEO Clean Paths for xoops, the modules I have chosen for the example in sharing this code is code for CBB (1.5, 2.2, 3.x), News 1.4+ (May work on earlier), myalbum-P, SmartSection 2.2, CatAds & the userinfo.php page.

What I have been doing over the last few weeks is testing various SEO paths to see what brings ultimate traffic, remember in changing your websites URL you may get sandboxed for a few months as the search engine detects a sitewide change.

Search Engine Optimization is an important step in making friendly paths for both Search Engines and the End Users, you normal for example use a dash (-) not an underscore (_) to SEO as this is detected and more compatible with a search engine algoritms, it is also helpful for natural language query.

You may also find various other SEO improvements you can make to stop keyword stuffing (Example Titles to Keywords) and so on my wiki profile page (these are deep in the forums).

Some example of some friendly SEO paths I have generated are as so:

Content 1.x: ... ent/Introduction-to-ETE/1
News 1.4: ... This-Website/SEO-Paths/14
MyAlbum-P 1.5:,0,10,0,1,titleA
wflinks: ... links/Alien-Information/2,0,0,0,dateA
CBB 3.08: ... t-for-the-Space-Station/8,46,65,0,0,0,0

Remember these SEO paths will increase traffic and delievery into your search engines, you must use a 301 Permanently Moved Redirection as this will remove the old link from the search engine and replace it with the new one.

The general rule for an SEO path is to contain something to do with the title, area of the site and category, remember to include at least the item identification number if possible for legal reasons.

SEO is a big step in improving the cleanliness of your site, as well as your image, we will be doing this here at in the not to distant future.
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