XOOPS: "XOOPSer of the Year 2010" and "Innovator of the Year" Voting OPEN

Posted by: Mambaon 2011/2/2 0:00:00 8232 reads
Last year we have voted for the "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award" and "XOOPSer of the Year"

It's time to do it again for 2010

Please review carefully all 2010 XOOPSer of the Month winners (Feb. 2010 till Jan. 2011), read their interviews, and why they have been selected "XOOPSer of the Month", and who out of them made the biggest difference for XOOPS:

Aitor Uskola (Aitor)
Benoît Puissant (Solo71)
Christophe Capitaine (Burning)
Dirk Herrmann (dhsoft)
Hossien Azizabadi (Voltan)
Hossien Azizabadi (Voltan)
Jamal Benaissa (Corbatis)
Mirza Mrkaljevic (Bleekk)
Niclas Einarsson (Mazarin)
Philippe Masson (Philou)
Stephane Gorteau (Tatane)
Sushang Yang (ezsky)

The same for "Innovator of the Month Winners" (Feb. 2010 till Jan. 2011):

Aitor Uskola (Aitor) - Theme Configurator
Alexander Galochkin (algalochkin) - IXTFramework and continuous innovations around his themes
Christophe Boceno (Kris_fr) - Morphogenesis and ZetaDigme themes
Christophe Capitaine (Burning) - XOOPS Resource Book
Davide N. P. Rossi (dnprossi) - xNews module
Eduardo Cortés (BitC3R0) - RMCommon Utilities 2 and MyWords 2
Ian Underwood (iunderwood) UHQ-GeoLocate and UHQ-IceAuth
Luis Marcelo Zanlucki (Lmzan) - various Websites
Michael Albertsen (Culex) - Comments System and his Radio Commercial
Mohd Hilmi bin Ngah (NovaSmart) - AMS Module
Ricardo Costa (Trabis) - myMenus 1.1
Ruoyu SUN (insraq) - theme designs
Sushang Yang (ezsky) & Christophe Boceno (Kris_fr) - Slideshow module
Yu Pin Lin (Sugar) - RB Framework and SNS Module

This year we have added a "Wild card", i.e. if people felt that somebody should be on the list but currently was not because he was not originally as one of the award winners, people had a chance to submit the name using this form, and we were going to add one person with the most recommendations to each category.

This year these are:

XOOPSer of the year:
Gerard Vanderveken (Ghia)

Innovator of the Year:
Simon Roberts (Wishcraft)

Congratulations to both our "Wild-cards" winners!


* Sunday, Feb. 6 midnight - Deadline for Submitting "Wild card" names
* Monday, Feb. 7 - voting begins
* Sunday, Feb. 20 midnight - voting ends.

Please vote here:

1) XOOPSer of the year: click here

2) Innovator of the Year: click here

Please remember, this is not a competition, but just showing our appreciation to people who've made a positive difference in XOOPS community .