Hacks: Ajax File Uploading 1.01 - Form Object

Posted by: wishcrafton 2011/2/4 5:14:21 6486 reads
Ajax File Uploading 1.01
Form Object for XOOPS 2.4 & XOOPS 2.5

This is a replace for the XoopsFile object that allows for files to be uploaded without refreshing the page. That means you can recieve a file before the form is submitted.

This is good for any preview environment that offers a wide range of options for the environment where you are recieving the file.

If a file is successfully uploaded the form object returns a path and filename for the file.

This was made from this example: http://www.phpletter.com/Our-Projects/AjaxFileUpload/

Download: xoops2.5_ajaxfileupload_1.01.zip - 17.7Kb