Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2003/10/31 12:47

  • Herko

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Much requested lately, and certainly planned for a while now, we're finally starting the Roadmap discussion.

This is a 'special' forum discussion. First of all, because of the way we interpret the term 'roadmap' here. We'll no only use this forum to discuss future (core- module- and theme-) features for the next XOOPS version(s), but also to discuss the futures of promoting XOOPS, support, documentation, quality control and certification, and community relations.
Second, it must be clear to everyone that this discussion is a community affair, but that the roadmap itself is in the hands of the XOOPS Core Team. This also means that they have to make desicions about what will be in the next version, and what will not be.
Thirdly, because we want this to be an organised discussion. This means that we plan the subjects of discussion over a set period of time, and after that the subject is closed, at least for the time being. See below for a planning schedule.

Also, we would like to extend the invitation to offer any help in developing, organising and executing the many tasks that are before us. We will contact you about joinin one of the Teams as soon as applicable

Preliminary Topic Schedule
31 okt - 3 nov :: what subjects should we cover here?
31 okt - 7 nov :: Core features in XOOPS 2.1
7 nov - 14 nov :: The XOOPS interface, what's next?
7 nov - 14 nov :: Module developments


Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2003/10/31 18:09

  • vinci

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I like road maps

What I like to see is this kind of Wiki feature. Tikiwiki is empressingly large and allows to link into a Wiki from many modules (nonetheless it seems to be easy to crack with SQL injections).As XOOPS is object orientated I would love to see it continue to develop in another direction as just another Nuke clone. So security should be very important nowadays.

To get back to the wikilike features: I would like to be able to link to local ressources from news articles. What I am mssing is also the possibility to load content to XOOPS (like images) instead of uploading and then linking via URL (Banners). Links to ressources should be short. My suggestion would be to be able administer alle images and other stuff (PDF,MP3,OGG,AVI) with an internal file manager that is well integrated.

I personally also like to see a very clean and simple theme that is done without tables in XHTML and CSS. Maybe I can contribute this one day myself (well, to be honest I allready have a very primitive one). With this technique XOOPS could be very flexible. The bad side is, that you loose compatibility with old browsers. But if it is just one theme, people still could choose. What I would love to see than would be the possibilty to set some styles via web interfaces (changing colours, etc). A database driven CMS really should not need to have much configuration via files.

Another feature could be more statistics. I have my web stats, but they do not say much about cryptic URLs. I would like to see which article has what references.

About the core: Many more features should not be programmed into modules but should be classes of the core.

Another point about news module: I would like to be able to say "publish" to articles. Rigth now we have to give a future date to be able to rewrite an article. I'd rather would be able to hold an article until I want to publish it (I might forget the date)

Some features tend to disapear in my XOOP, allthough they are active. I would like the system to be able to check if some of the settings are stille correct. There might be a solution for every disapeared feature, but that usually takes days or weeks. And new errors request new solutions.

thank you


Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2003/11/5 1:49

  • maochoa

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A simple but useful feature i think can include in the next version of xoops:

The posibility of instaling a module in the root path, not in the /modules directory.

I can test this feature only modify a lot of lines in the file include/common about line 233 Quote:
if (file_exists('./xoops_version.php')) {
$url_arr = explode('/', str_replace(str_replace('https://', 'http://', XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'), '', 'http://'.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'].$xoopsRequestUri));
////// modificado para modulo externo //////
$path_module = $url_arr[0];
if ($path_module == 'http:'){
$url_arr2 = explode('/', str_replace(str_replace('https://', 'http://', XOOPS_URL.'/'), '', 'http://'.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'].$xoopsRequestUri));
$path_module = "../".$url_arr2[0];

$module_handler =& xoops_gethandler('module');

$xoopsModule =& $module_handler->getByDirname($path_module);
////// modificado para modulo externo //////

the module work when correctly set the path in the xoops_version.php "../modulename/" but have problems whit the templates.

Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/2 8:59

  • winabe

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Are we behind the target of XOOPS 2.1 ?

Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/2 11:57

  • eoviedo

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I love XOOPS... but perhaps Mambo makes somethings enough well -I am thinking only about the possibilities of the administration menu-.

I hope I am not being wrong saying that is util to check this in:


login: admin
password: admin

What do you think?

Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/2 12:00

  • Herko

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This has been discussed many times before. Mambo is eyecandy. It looks nice, but it's not easy to work with. Plus, it's not flexible in the code, so it's difficult to add something. XOOPS will do that better (and yes, we do realise that the admin section needs changing!)


Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/2 14:45

  • oddb0d

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I think XOOPS admin is one of its greatest selling points, it's by far the easiest one I've used!


Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/2 18:48

  • djsckizo

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After my host went down the other day and locked everyone out of their control panel area, something occured to me. I was in the IB module area for it, making some changes to the module theme and it suddenly came to me that it would be a GREAT idea if you could do the same thing in xoops. The Invision Board theme manager allows you to edit your theme html files without having to ftp the info back and forth. The same is done with the CSS part of it as well. If this could be added to xoops, it would probably help a lot.

Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/3 9:49

  • eoviedo

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Sorry, perhaps I did not explain myself very well, Herko. I wanted to say that mambo includes some nice features, like database back-up, restore, sql queries, information about the system, etc.

Only that. Personally I also think that XOOPS is better :)

Re: Starting off the Roadmap discussion
  • 2004/3/3 10:09

  • Herko

  • XOOPS is my life!

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Ok, thanks I'm going to close this thread now, as this is not a feature request thread, and we're in danger of making this one

There are other threads for this



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