Smartpartner can't update listings

Recently I keep getting "An error occured. The partner was not updated." when trying to update a listing in the smartpartner module.

The only different thing is my hosting provider recently changed all 777 file permissions to 755. I am thinking this might be the cause but after tyring to change all the files I think need to be checked still NO LUCK. Even re-installed the module (kept the data however) no luck.

Anyone got ideas? Debug mode didn't show me anything!
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Re: Smartpartner can't update listings
  • 2009/7/10 14:31

  • culex

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this should not be the case with permissions as you still have rights to reade the pages with 755.

What type of MySQL do you have ? What I mean is did your MySQL version get updated recently ?

Do you output any MySQL errors in error mode / queries ?

Any other changes to your XOOPS installation recently ?
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Re: Smartpartner can't update listings
  • 2010/8/21 14:49

  • tommyZ

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Did you find a fix or a cause for this error?

Ever since migrating servers, upgrading xoops, i get the same error when trying to create a new partner.

From debug, i get:

Notice: Undefined index: filters in file /home/****/secure324l***/libx/modules/protector/class/ProtectorFilter.php line 63
Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in file /modules/who_uses_us/include/functions.php line 163

any help would be appreciated, I am about to upgrade to xoops 3.4.5, currently on 3.4.3

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