Re: It's a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 10:46

  • wizanda

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Understand frustrations yet this Quote popped up on my site and thought would add:


In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.

Francis Bacon 1561-1626

Your ranking is highly involved with Xoops.org, so don’t shoot your self in the foot to prove a point.
The point you make is taken and all involved don’t want to lose you.
Rise above it Herve XOOPS needs you, not you need Xoops, so choice is always yours.

Re: It's a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 10:52

  • Quest

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I agree with Wizanda, as do many others I suspect.

Am I missing something here? Herve did this some time ago and I don't beleive reviving that which time heals is a good or positive thing to do.

Let's all work and deal with the now, this very moment. It truely is all we have and I for one have enough negatives in my life and I #OOPS# sure don't want or need anymore.

Nothing is perfect or ever will be. Besides, if it was what fun would that be? Imagine. If everyone who played golf got a hole-in-one then what would be the point and challenge of the game?

I need more coffee.

Best Regards to all,

Re: It's a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 12:57

  • JMorris

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My disagreement is not with you. You may disagree with me, but that is your choice. I have no control over the direction XOOPS takes. I do not wish to have that authority.

BTW... I'm not playing the "victim". I specifically stated...

In a nutshell, I can no longer control my anger...

That is why I stepped down. I know I was out of line.

In spite of our recent interchange on this site, I too wish you would reconsider. However, I cannot force you to stay.

BTW... You are quoting me out of context and you are taking it as a general statement, it was not. Perhaps you should go back and reread my words in context and you will know who I was talking to.

If you still want to go, I wish you the best. I hope our paths will cross on a more positive note some day.
Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Stupidity is not a crime. Therefore, you are free to go.

Re: It's a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 14:15

  • ratdeau

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I'm really disapointed by what I read and by the reactions of you all. You did not a good job for Xoops.

Reading that ONLY ONE person is key to the project makes me think to search an alternative CMS for my 4 websites.

Freedom of speach in this case is freedom to fire a bullet in your own foot. Sad.

What will you do now?

Message to Hervé:
Je peux comprendre ta frustation de ne rien voir bouger et ta lassitude, mais ta reaction n'est-elle pas un peu excessive. En developpant tes modules, tu as pris une sorte responsabilité, en les utilisants, j'en ai pris une aussi, mais as-tu pensé à tous les utilisateurs que tu plonge dans les problèmes pour ne pas dire pire? Je ne pense pas qu'ils passeront sous cube.

Re: It's a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 15:20

  • DobePhat

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this is a terrible shame.

Ive never understood the workings of the inner circle so I have nothing to say because when people get their feelings hurt or opinions not respected I can understand what results.

Never the less, this is the primary problem with xoops.
It builds up and then tears ITSELF down. I was really thinking wow..things have picked up again.. Myself, I'm still learning how to develop modules and such and I hope to contribute more in the future. (But there is more to an online community than a cool feature or two..that is what Im trying to understand with online communities)
I fully believe in xoops.

I remember when I could not find answers here once, I went to xoopscube...and found them. IT was so strange to sse so many power houses of XOOPS at xoopscube. I still dont understand why...But I can repect it. And I think its great too.

I (and speaking for our team that volunteers on our portal)just think that its too easy to quit and walk away. My main occupation and passion is a collaborative art form. And, it too can be difficult, it truly takes a lot to work together, let your egos aside and work for the better common goal. It also involves undertanding others perpectives and not imposing ones own agenda on others.

true Teamwork is harder to come by these days.

Best wishes and thanks-
-But please reconsider-

Hervé - Programmer, Friend of Xoops
  • 2007/4/16 16:01

  • mercury500

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Last week when I started the topic Xoops Needs A Leader - Inquire Within, I wanted to suggest trying new ways to lead XOOPS as a project. Not necessarily remove or change the current leadership, but tweak the organizational process that has "seemed" to bog down progress. Allowing the engines (programmers like you) to work faster, more accurately and with more freedom and feedback. Hoping this would make everybody happier.

This, obviously, has not happened.

Language, anonymity and the inherent "form" of forums is causing more friction than is probably implied. Diplomacy is subverted through no fault of anyone and "seems" to lead to these long heated exchanges. The fact of little resolution or action happens after these exchanges is another matter. The action of "LOCKING" these heated messages is another, debatable, matter.

You, and other programmers, are XOOPS. Regardless of who is managing the forums, the finances, or the physical servers. XOOPS is not XOOPS.org or any other website (currently).

News is a critical module in Xoops. Thus you are a critical, and powerful, person in the XOOPS world. Any programmer that wishes can take on that power by contribution.

So please, unless you really hate XOOPS (and you don't do you?), take XOOPS where you want to take it. If you want to blend a more XOOPS Cube way of programming into XOOPS - do it. Joomlafy / Drupalfy something - do it. I doubt you would do anything that wouldn't be better for XOOPS to at least try. And this applies to other programmers / contributors as well.

What if you try some idea really outrageous? So what? That's what the testing branches are for. And, that idea just might revolutionize XOOPS - or get you the goofiest idea award until someone comes along with a crazier scheme. What's the harm?

I'm a big fan of not re-inventing the wheel. There are thousands of development projects out there that XOOPS can look to for organization and development process ideas. Ideas that will (can) strengthen XOOPS and the relationships between users, programmers and administrative personnel.

Hervé, go if you must right now, but please think about what YOU want to do, cause there are a lot of people that WANT what YOU want (this applies to ALL programmers). There are a lot of ideas floating around, I even have a few myself, that can make XOOPS a better place to work.

But the engines need to be happily running to accomplish anything.

Re: Its a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 16:53

  • JMorris

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a person hijacking someone's account wrote:
The community can replace moderators not developers!
Shame people don't react to support you.

Nobody is irreplaceable. This is Open Source, in spite of what some may think. Members, Developers, Moderators... They all come and go. Those that go are eventually replaced by someone with equal or greater skill and life goes on.

I've watched this for many years here. Even before I registered. I remember when this project was still in the 1.x branch.

Many have come, many have gone, and most of those who have gone have been replaced. All the while, this project has grown and continued to improve.

If Hervet wants to go, let him go. If he wants to return, he may return. Everyone is free to come and go as they please.

Hey, I too am affected by his choosing to leave. His modules are key components in nearly every site I've ever built. However, if he feels it's time for him to move on, I wish him well.
Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Stupidity is not a crime. Therefore, you are free to go.

Re: Its a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 17:36

  • winsion

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blueteen wrote:
A big loss for Xoops.
Good luck Hervé !


Re: Its a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 22:28

  • Will_H

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Whats that link again Catz?

Re: Its a shame, so I resign
  • 2007/4/16 23:00

  • Catzwolf

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For Zarilia?

http://zarilia.com :)


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