Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 10:02

  • Bender

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You should take a moment and step back. Just read the stuff you wrote and then ask yourself how this looks to someone not knowing anything else of what you might possibly know or feel.

Then you might understand why people don´t react the way you expect them to.

As already been said the company structure isn´t of much interest to many people. Heck, do you have any idea how many companies have substructures? How many big players have other cheap/label companies to sell their products in other market segments just too keep their share in every market. This doesn´t only happen in webhosting ... you can find it in nearly every business.

But whats my point:
My point is that just by reading your posts (and consider that we have nothing else) you come over as just someone having a rant with that particular company and try to make them look bad with something(structure) many people consider normal.

And you can´t really accept other peoples opinions ...
I am going to say no more on this subject as it seems that some people are not mature enough and get upset easily if things are said that don't somehow suit them
So you call others just not mature enough because they don´t have the same way of seing it.

Well actually i think you don´t mean it completely how it reads. But this is the impression you leave after all.
(must add that i´m not a native english speaker)

So about Surpass Hosting there is nothing i would have to say. Neither good nor bad. On a quick check you find people have good experiences and bad experiences like with most other hosts. (just the usual advice: if you are looking for a hosting just check some hosting forums about peoples experiences)

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 12:26

  • MontyP

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from 24hosting:
24HostingNOW delivers reliable, high-professional webhosting with...

ROFL - WTH is "high-professional"?!
took 30 seconds to see that this IS a reseller host! Owned by L.A. NET ONLINE LTD - whoever they are. "Uses" a datacenter. C'mon - gimme a break!

I remember coming across this host in my travels - I looked at about 50 before settling on Surpass. There's only one other I'd even consider - and that's Jaguar.

This guy's intentions seem pretty clear to me - danMAN = 24hosting?

I've been with surpass for several months on a shared plan. Their support staff is fantastic, questions are answered quickly, forums community is friendly and helpful, prices are sweet - 2gig space and 30 gig bandwidth for $48 year.

I missed the HOSTDIME association when I researched them but they are who they say they are. I checked addresses, chamber of commerce and such - felt them to be legit.

I'm very happy there and would reccomend them without reservation.

my primary site located there is XOOPS powered:


Oh, btw - regarding the website for surpass - I think it's relatively new - they had just migrated their forums and such late last year I think - there's archived stuff somewhere on the site but I forget where it was - and I'd imagine any new site may be prone to some burps here and there. They are very receptive to suggestions/input and respond quickly. I'm sure if you had mentioned the areas you had problems with on their site, they'd have addressed it.

If it's make ya happy, just send me the airfare and I'll personally go down to Orlando and tour the datacenter and report back my findings -

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 13:28

  • asche

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thank you danman for pointing out this interesting offer of 24hostingnow.com. They offer a „2nd Back up HardDrive“ and „Intel Pentium 4 - 3.06GHZ Minimum 2,5 GB RAM“
(fuitadnet.com: all servers upgraded to Dell Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Servers with 2 GB of RAM,
surpasshosting.com: P4 2.4 Ghz, 533 FSB 1 GB DDR -> found info only "google-cached-sitesearch for GB RAM" ... but I read on one of the "babuschka-sites" that one of the subs is upgrading to 3.06 Ghz?).

When I open an online-shop or do a bit more of reselling, I might go to 24hostingnow.com for reliability and backup (fuitadnet recently smoked disk of cpanel-server loosing reseller accounts? ->http://www.fuitadnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2817). I wonder if surpass is running backups of cpanel-server?

How about versioning? I understood, that many providers/resellers offer fantastico installing XOOPS 2.0.5x ... upps, in case of surpass XOOPS 2.0.X(?) with cPanel X9.2/CPanel 7.4 (? later info in reseller page) but not using fantastico(?) ... so I can install with scripta ? Or will I end up loading XOOPS 2.0.6 to the provider to avoid compatability issues with my locally installed version? So does anybody know how combination cpanel/scripta compares to cpanel/fantastico?

24hostingnow.com offers "PERL/PYTHON/CGI-BIN (full access)" and possibiltity to modify Mail Exchanger settings. Let me assure, that I dont intend on playing around with MX entries all day and I suppose providers are really annoyed with customers asking for features they don’t really need, but it is important for serious reselling?

I must apologize to surpass and hostdime, if I can only picture companies in either black or white (or like babuschkas or like „wolf in sheep“ or „sheep in wolf“). I suppose this comes from digging in the web too much and looking for smoking guns, which I didnot find, unsurprisingly ...

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"


tjnemez wrote:
hey guys,

i know it may be mentioned above, but is anyone using surpass as a host? is so could you please provide a link to your site.

http://mepislovers.com is on surpass hosting account. I signed up with their 75GB bandwidth program even though I don't need it, I found the price too irresistible to pass up. I have had no downtime whatsoever that I've seen and I got my XOOPS site up and running, with the new domain name, on the day after registering my domain with godaddy and signing up for the webhosting account on Surpass. Never had I had this happen so quickly before with another webhosting company. After my year's paid account with onsmart.net is up, I plan on moving my other XOOPS sites to surpass. I love the service I've had with onsmart.net but the prices offered for the services at surpass hosting beat the pants off onsmart.net.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 17:25

  • Big_Bro

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My, and you do sing such a song, little birdie
Couldn't give two hoots whether you like what I say, or if you posted more on this forum than me, but out of curiosity: why do you take umbrage at my honest attempts to let everyone know that surpass is really a subsidiary of hosdime?

Because you obviously are not a participant in the working world of grown-ups, or you'd understand why this is perhaps the stupidest topic I've read here. At work, my division spun off from my company 4 months ago and beame a subsidiary, and then last week our entire company was sold, so in 4 months we've added two layers of ownership to our operation, where we do networking and security for the federal government and Las Vegas casinos. If they were concerned about layers of ownership, I think they'd let us know.

You should maybe take a few years off of posting publicly to lose your "green" hue before running off at the mouth like that, people work hard for their livelyhoods and it's just sad watching some ignoramus try to ruin them over concepts he clearly does not comprehend nor that are even relevant.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 20:20

  • surpass

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by asche (the thread starter)
I must apologize to surpass and hostdime,


by Big_Bro
people work hard for their livelyhoods

On those notes, I request that this topic please be closed. Thank you all.

Now back to regularly scheduled hmm... regularly occuring XOOPS activity...


Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/23 2:11

  • danMAN

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I don't understand why some individuals can't make their points in a civilised manner, and try not to insult people they don't know. Well, here's some back Big_Bro (the alias speaks volumes, doesn't it?), see how you feel about it:

You should maybe take a few years off of posting publicly to lose your "green" hue before running off at the mouth like that, people work hard for their livelyhoods and it's just sad watching some ignoramus try to ruin them over concepts he clearly does not comprehend nor that are even relevant.

As I said in my previous post, I did not wish to talk about the actual topic anymore. But I must respond to this illiterate chappie because of his/her/its rudeness, though I do so with pity because he/she/it has quite obviously fallen out of the stupidfruit tree (from whence they think they can see the "real world") and has hit every branch on the way down.

May I, first of all, suggest that you take extended comprehension training? It would be very useful to you and I think your division at work may also benefit, and perhaps it won't have to "spin off from your company to become a subsidiary" anymore? But, perhaps more importantly, such training might actually help you to read in the posts what people actually mean and say, not what you interpret them to have said? Read carefully what the two points I contributed to this thread ACTUALLY are (and so why this is not a stupid topic):
1.The company can have whatever structure it needs to have,THIS HAS NEVER BEEN THE SUBJECT OF MY CRITICISM. That is, I did not make an issue out of this, despite how YOU (and the like) might read it. I merely followed the thread because....
2.The way that the company (or whatever it is) has presented itself (whether on purpose or not)has, however, merited mentioning and discussion -- this is what YOU (and the like) don't seem to want to comprehend and/or acknowledge, and so YOU (and the like) keep on making misleading statements about what I and others have said, even to the extent that you feel that you must resort to insults. Believe it or not, I and others also work hard for our money, and so I think its unfair for you to call us ignoramuses if we question and prod those that wish us to part with it.

And since you're so obviously wondering just what maturity is, perhaps you could consider some friendly advise? Listen and acknowledge other people's views -- even when you don't agree with them -- without resorting to insults to get your point accross (rather, try to use reason). So grow up and reflect on what you're saying, and stop insulting people you don't know -- just remember, others can often give back more than you can dish out.

Now, this is really all I have to say here, and I appeal to all to please feel free to criticise me if it makes you feel better, but could you at least be civilised about it and not resort to insults like this tiny person has? Thank you, and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/23 2:57

  • Stewdio

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This entire topic has gotten out of hand.

Either conduct a civilised conversation, or this thread will have to be closed.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/6/9 16:18

  • Trafix

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As a former client of Surpass Hosting let just say I was for the most part happy with the service. But I have to admit their support response were pretty bad. It took about 1 to 8 hours before a response. Now they say its less than and hour. I still dont belive it... well i cant test it because im not a client with them anymore.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2005/4/26 10:04

  • asche

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Having started this thread being doubtful of "consistency" of fast growing company with "subsidiaries", I want to post my newbie experiences (I have no comparison) so far:

Surpass is great in support and very responsive. So it is easy to discover the possibilities/advantages of "cpanel-reseller-account" (even I am not a commercial reseller), having good support if trouble occurs.

What I enjoy very much, that surpass responded quickly and opened a forum specially for Xoops-users (thats raising synergies in many ways and assures support among "surpass-xoopsies").

What I dont know about is "performance in a virtual host environment" (there is no traffic on my pages).

In the end, I am a "very happy newbie" on surpass hosting and can recommend surpass for "my sort of requirements" warmly.

best regards asche

If surpass manages to allow/supply better tools for remote administration of database (better than phpadmin -> doesnot allow to display results of really big queries in result window -> thats the way I transfer tables and data between different databases, just saving results to textfiles), I will post a thread "fans of surpass" ... ))


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