Installing Wiki/Wiwi Problem
  • 2004/5/18 14:43

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I've tried both the wiki and the wiwi packages from the downloads here. Nice to see how easy it is to install and configure modules. I can get the first/home page created for the wiki but I can't create sub-pages.

Perhaps I'm not understanding wiki...?

I create the first page. I save it. I then click the edit button and add a link by putting doublebrackets around my new wiki link. I save it. From what I can read, since that link doesn't go anywhere yet, it should have a red ? next to it which if clicked will open a new blank page for that link.

I don't get any ? at all.... And clicking the link of course goes to a page that doesn't exist.

Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks!

Re: Installing Wiki/Wiwi Problem
  • 2004/5/18 15:27

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I'm not that sure about the specific syntax of every wiki instance, but at least in phpWiki, which is the tool working in both the documentation and the developers sites, to create a new page you don't enclose the word in brackets, but rather write a concept with words tied. Let's say you want a page about module creation. You write something like: "CreateModule" (without the quotes), save it and then you'll have that question mark you can click on to create a new page.


Re: Installing Wiki/Wiwi Problem
  • 2004/5/18 15:34

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Hello, i had the same problem. It's really obvious. A wikisite works with CamelCase.

So if you use for instance WikiLink this word is automagically recognized and has a red question mark next to it (and when you click this it will add a new page).

If you use doublebrackets it another way of specifiing a hyperlink but then you have to write/type a 'real' hyperlink. This can be your wikisite but also externally, but then you don't get the ?!

I use wikimod and it has a doc with 'Text Formatting Rules'; you should read it again, and more closely!

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Re: Installing Wiki/Wiwi Problem
  • 2004/5/18 15:58

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Ah thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew it had to be something completely obvious. Never underestimate the ability of people to try to make things more complex than they need to be!


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