FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/24 3:04

  • TedERux

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Our hosting company only allows one ftp account to us and it is complete access. We clearly can not give people this account. We are looking for a module that would allow file uploads and downloads directly to the server without granting access to any other folders/files. Does anyone know of anything?

We even tried using the photo album but it only accepts images.

Re: FTP module?????

You might try looking for the document manager module. I know that you can assign that module a particular folder to upload to, and to download from. At least that is what I remember. I have not used it in a while, or in the X2 versions of xoops. I might be worth looking for though.

Re: FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/24 23:23

  • TedERux

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Thx for the help but it won't work with XOOPS 2. got my hopes up too :)

Re: FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/24 23:51

  • JackJ

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The only workaround I can think of is to use a module like framebrowser to enclose an upload/download script application.

Users would not know the difference, but doing it this way it would not be linked to XOOPS members

Plenty of free upload/download scripts around. I have a copy of framebrowser somewhere if you are interested

Re: FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/24 23:54

  • carnuke

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There is a module called uploader found in the Brasil module pack It allows file upload and download into a dedicated directory. Not sure about compatibility with XOOPS2 though. You need to take a look at it. We use a file upload module on the docs site (2.0.6) so I will ask hsalasar if he can release the scripts for us. Keep watching


Re: FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/25 2:15

  • Lance_

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A French module site has one. I haven't tested it though.

Re: FTP module?????
  • 2004/3/25 10:36

  • TedERux

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  • Since: 2004/3/18

I tried several, but the uploader (after configuration) works perfectly! Thx for the advice :)


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