Incorrect time showing
  • 2013/6/22 3:18

  • barryc

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If I set the time zone in xoops general preferences correctly, namely US Mountain time for the server and Pacific time for the site, the time shown at the bottom of the page in New BB is way off. To get it to show correctly I have to set both server time and local time to GMT +1. Am I missing something obvious?

Barry Cooper

Re: Incorrect time showing
  • 2013/6/22 6:46

  • Mamba

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Try to set both for the same time and see if it works. If I remember correctly there were some issues between time on server and Website, if they were different.
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Re: Incorrect time showing
  • 2013/6/22 17:57

  • barryc

  • Just can't stay away

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setting both for Pacific time (i.e. local time) newbb reports the time as "The time now is 2013/6/22 19:44". It is actually 10:44.

There is some weird going on on this site, though. Previously I had a problem with posts to newbb not being accessible when logged in as admin. See https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=76153

As you'll see in that thread, I decided it would be simplest and quickest to reinstall everything, after which everything worked. I have been out of town a few days but last night, when I logged on, I got the same server error, even though I hadn't changed anything. I'm really stumped by what is going on here.

Update: I have another install of xoops 2.5.6 on the same server for testing. It is not suffering the same problem as my live site (with admin not being able to read posts) but newBB is still reporting the time incorrectly. It is reporting it as server time +8 hours, as is my live site. So, the two problems don't seem to be related



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