Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/16 1:41

  • belia

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I'm using XOOPS 2.4.4

I hope this can be add to xoops 2.5

xoopser Have you change your site logo ?

Try check

Image manager in editor
backend php
any modules like news/publisher etc conveted to pdf articles

you will see the XOOPS lOGO and not YOUR site Logo

i would like to request some way to change the logo in admin panel

i mean

the images/logo.gif

i f i start a XOOPS project...that is the first thing i do....

it will be easy if it is in the admin panel

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/16 2:53

  • ghia

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Intention is that you replace the existing image with your own logo and keeping it with the same name (and file type). If you use /images/mylogo.gif, then you have also to adapt the theme, backend.php, etc, while there the standard location is used:
$tpl->assign('image_url'XOOPS_URL '/images/logo.png');

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/22 19:49

  • fdeconiac

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I'm quite agree with belia,

It would be nice to be able to easily change (upload) the logo of the website as you change the website name in the admin panel.

By automatically resizing the logo in differents sizes, it could be next used for header, pdf,... and all module which could call it!



Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/22 20:01

  • ghia

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Problem is that it is not in an uploadable location (file permissions). Moving it to somewhere else would invalidate all existing themes.
It is considered to be a one time action. You do it only once at the start of the new site, so, automating it, is only a needless effort and complication.

Maybe the installation manual should have an alinea on how to adapt the logo, favicons, etc..

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/22 22:49

  • noo-b

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i know what belia.are saying..and i agree with it

maybe make it standard to put the logo in example uploads-site-logo folder

put in the site logo manager preferences as example

which logo to use...logo.gif...logo.png

and make it standard in themes...a smarty variable or something like that

please be more creative....there should be an easy way...

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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/23 0:54

  • ghia

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I don't find replacing by uploading /images/logo.png difficult.

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/23 4:44

  • phppp

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Creating a logo manager is necessary.
The hard part is that the manager needs to be friend to both back end, site management or resource management, and front end, theme design.

On admin side, for administrators:
logo controller responsible for
logo upload
logo browse
logo edit, mainly for cropping and resizing

On view side, for theme designers:
We could build some widget-like plugin, which will be available in next major version:
<{logo size=84:31}>
which will be matched tohttp://img.xoops.url/images/logo/logo-84x31.png

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/26 14:13

  • belia

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Great..will it be in 2.5 or 3.0 ?


Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/5/26 16:17

  • deepak267

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This will be a good and easy for installation

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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/1 12:01

  • vamptrix

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Keep in mind that if it's used in 2.5 or in any version (except 3.0) it would break EVERY theme that calls on that, and there are a lot who do.
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