What a ranker!

After changing my rank from core developer to module developer without asking my permission I have decided the admins of this project are impossible to work with.

Not only did I do all the planning for 2.6, and headed up most of the development of 2.4 which because of our changes offered the most and best reviews we have had in 4 years. It seems I am not wanted or needed in this project.

I want my rank instated of Xoops Developer and I want an appology letter. I have decided that this admin is just a dickhead and a wanker that lacks any communication skills.
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Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 5:33

  • deka87

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I also wonder why the rank was changed at all.
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Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 10:51

  • webmystar

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That is certainly a misunderstanding ...

Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 10:53

  • wammes

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I agree that this admin isn't doing the project any good.

When somebody contributes to the project, but it doesn't fit in the admins thoughts, they just get deleted, edited, or wrongfully quoted.

This has got to stop. I don't think this project is the old xoops anymore. The admin has hyjacked the projectname, kicked out the old members and created a different project. And with the current development of this different project, you can't win from the other CMS available.

Just for example take the block on the right side: Xoops vs. Herko. The case is lost, only 235 persons signed it. That number of petition signs is absolutely not representive of the xoops community. Just remove it. The admin lost, judge made his verdicht. Please admin, step away from this beautiful project before you destroy it completely. Or do something much more usefull with your time spend on this project.

Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 12:05

  • Catzwolf

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I see you're not the only one that has been dropped from developer status without even being told. Would have been nice if you (Mamba) actually had spoken to me about it first.

Well, I will no longer be supporting Xoops from this time forward. I would like to thank all of you who have supported, helped or used any of the WF-Modules in the past.

ATB Xoopers :)


Edit: My apologies for letting my surprise and frustration get the better of me.

Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 12:36

  • Peekay

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Well, the moderation on XO is certainly lacking at the moment.

A post with this title would be edited or deleted within a few hours on most of the other forums I belong to.

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Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 12:55

  • Mamba

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And why would you be furious about it?

1) the ranking (which should be more properly called "status") is to reflect everybody's current main area of contributions. If your main contributions are themes, you're a "Theme Designer", if you're contributing mainly to Modules, you're a "Module Designer", and if you're moderating, you're a "Moderator". So people know how you contribute to XOOPS. Pretty simple and logical, right?

2) The ranking/role designation is not for life. People's roles and contributions change and the status changes to reflect it.

3) The ranking is NOT a real "ranking". The name is not correct, because people seem to think that if they are not "XOOPS Developers" anymore, they've been "demoted" and it's end of the world! This is NOT the case. It's only reflection of your currently main area of contribution to XOOPS!

Just please look at you contributions in the last 12 months and tell us was is your "main area" of contributions?

For both of you - Simon and you, it's modules. You yourself stated in your announcement that you will be working on your modules! So it's only logical that you're listed as "Module Developer", isn't it?

Trabis is the best example how it should be done - after he read Simon's complaint, he contacted me and asked me to change his status from "XOOPS Developer" to "Module Developer". The reason? He is done with 2.4.5 development and wants to focus again on modules, and therefore it was only logical for him that his "status/ranking" would reflect that.

But it seems like for you and Simon being a "Module Developer" is something beneath your status and only "XOOPS Developer" is the ranking that you could accept.

You know what? If this is what you want, just let me know and I reinstate you and Simon as "XOOPS Developer" again.

Anybody else wants to be "XOOPS Developer" too? It really doesn't matter what you're working on currently. You want to be "XOOPS Developer" - no problem! You got it!
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Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 13:14

  • trabis

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I think that we are needing more module developers than core ones!

Viva Xoops :)

Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 13:15

  • Catzwolf

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lol trabis,

Does Xoops actually have any Core developers apart from DJ?

Viva Xoops alright lol

Re: What a ranker!
  • 2010/5/22 13:25

  • Peekay

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Perhaps this thread title should have been 'What a ranker!'

Seriously, please edit it.
A thread is for life. Not just for Christmas.


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