Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/1/29 4:26

  • Shadow

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Quite honestly, I had not thought of
just adding comments to an existing
module about the other language
versions of The Philosophy of Liberty.

But how could that be applied to the
games? As I said earlier, not all
XOOPS webmasters would know how to
port them let alone begin dabbling in
making even a rudimentary module, which
admittedly mine are.

At any rate, I thank you all for this
valuable feedback. Before this thread
was brought to my attention the only
feedback I was getting was the fact
that someone was downloading them
to use on their sites. lol

Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/1/29 10:59

  • ghia

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But how could that be applied to the
Well, the Flashgames module can contain multiple games and you can download them and have converted to the module on the fly.

Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/1/29 12:08

  • Shadow

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Thank you, ghia, I was unaware of that
module. I'll take a closer look at
it later as I have been playing with the
idea of an arcade site using XOOPS as
it's base.

Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/2/7 19:02

  • Monika

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Frankly i don't blame Shadow, and i do blame those who judge others work to be of low quality. If you see it is low quality, then just help its author to improve it, or come with something better than it!

Personnally i feel happy when i see something new is being added to xoops, because frankly i see XOOPS to be too slow, the modules are not updated for months or even for years!!

And for anyone who doesn't appreciate videotube updates, i would say that he is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! because the updates Tank does are very important; and we must thank him of his hardwork and fast updates!

Shadow, the idea of comments is good.

God bless.

Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/2/7 20:05

  • Peekay

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It seems a little unfair to be critical about the frequency of announcements about VideoTube. The module is available to download in the repository, the developer is announcing updates and providing support through the Xoops.org forum.

I don't know of any other video media modules for XOOPS where that is the case.

Keep up the good work I say.
A thread is for life. Not just for Christmas.

Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground?
  • 2009/2/19 0:28

  • Speed

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Perhaps I'm in the minority but seeing anything new posted to the news lately is certainly better than the alternative -- deafening silence.

What's sad is there is definitely development happening. But it's invisible. There are recent commits to the next version of Xoops. And there are some really great modules in the works like the new Publisher module by Trabis and friends. Us users want to hear about what is underway. We want to get excited. We need to get excited to get involved.... Where's the news though?

I really like Xoops. It's the best CMS available IMNSHO. Please keep posting news no matter how insignificant. Us users want to see a pulse no matter how faint it may be.


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