Modules: Flashgames Module 1.0

Posted by: leasonon 2005/10/11 12:08:00 21424 reads
Flashgames for Xoops version 1.0 has been released. Now you can add flash games with highscore tracking to your website!

Download Flashgames for Xoops

Highscore enabled flash games increase user registrations and add "stickyness" to your website that will dramatically increase your return traffic. Users will want to come back to check on their scores and see if they are still #1. In addition to competing on a per game basis, Flashgames for Xoops also has a Top Player feature where users can try to become the site's top player. The top player status is calculated based on sitewide performance.

This version also includes support for the very popular Automatic Installation Service. Over 1300 websites have used the service so far, and the number gets bigger every day. The AI service allows you to perform a one click installation of as many games as you want. The list is updated in real time and the transfers are all done over the web, so installing games is much faster and easier. You can preview games before you install them and hide games you are not interested in seeing. A free demo of the service is included with the download.

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