Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/9/14 16:32

  • bprado

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Damn, this mod is great, its a shame that cant intregrate with TinyEditor, i hack the tinyeditor to open this new image manager, but i cant insert the image into the tinyeditor textarea!!!!

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/9/15 16:22

  • seolio

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Amazing hack....Thank You!

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/9/17 9:05

  • whitesox

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i´m sry no more site avaiable (and ich have more than 15 images in this folder)

Resized Image

and i dont know why any imageerrors be found

sry 4 my bad english

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/9/24 13:03

  • dnprossi

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Followed instructions in txt file to the letter. imagemanager displays well, new 'User Images' appear, but all old categories in 'site images' are empty...

Can anyone help?

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/9/24 14:33

  • dnprossi

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Great mod...

Got it to work... Moved old images in the new folders created by imagemanager and now all works fine...

Thanks for mod...

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/10/11 9:23

  • maydo

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one of the greatest inovations for xoops
i like it so much

but btw how can i delete the images in public library uploaded by the IM ??

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/11/23 16:43

  • Anonymous

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If use inserted name as alt will be great for SEO.

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...

I am having the same problem Juan_r had. When I click the image maneger botton, I get a blank page. It opens on a pop-up, but don not resizes to 800.

But I had one discovery:
When the user first time opens the image maneger, it opens well. I choose the image to upload, but the next window is a blank page (uploaded images). After this first use, the user will always get the blank page.

Here we go: When I erase the user's folder (user_00001) I can use the imagemaneger as the first time: I see, I upload image, but after this I'll have always the blank page.

So instead of ereasing the folder, I'd tried to change CHMODE from original 700 to 744 and then the surprise:

Comand: SITE CHMOD 744 user_00002
Answer: 550 CHMOD 744 user_00002: Operation not permitted

I use linux server PHP Version 5.2.6.
Is it right the original chmode 700?
Why can not I change the chmode?

I am crazy to have this working properly.
Thanks in advance!
My Google Maps API3 and Xoops integration (Cool!):

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/12/1 9:42

  • ghia

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It seems there is a problem in the rights to the directory. You must understand that you from your websites admin account (or FTP, with the same credentials) are a different user then Apache, when it is executing the php code.
Depending on the settings of your hoster, the rights and permissions for these two users can greatly differ. When a file or directory is created the creating user becomes the owner and this makes a difference for the rights. Mosttimes, the Apache user is limited in its owner rights and has not the possibility to set the file permissions to 777. So it is best to create the directories manual or by copy trough FTP, so you are the owner and can set the permissions right. If the Apache user has created the directory, then it becomes the owner and you may not have the rigths to change the file permissions at will. I think this applies to your case.
So, try with deleting the directory and create it by hand and set the permissions right.

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2008/12/1 11:15

  • xgarb

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yep.. this line

mkdir($activeDir, 0700); (imagemanager.php)

creates the directory for the current user. This is 'owned' by the webserver and is only readable by the webserver. This makes things a little more secure.

This is the code that makes the pop-up 800px wide..


you could try this on it's own in a test html file to see if it works.

I created the new imagemanager for my own use and only developed it as far as I needed it for myself so it's likely to be buggy or non-functional on some systems. If someone wants to take it and make it better they are welcome!


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