Clean up the GROUPS admin page??
  • 2008/3/17 4:57

  • DjMikeWatt

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I don't know about anyone else, but the more modules and blocks that are instituted in my XOOPS site, the more impossible it becomes to easily manage the "GROUPS" admin page.

The CENTER BLOCK area for example... it's just too cluttered. Is there a hack that can be done that will, at the very least, put each of these blocks (check boxes) on its own line, instead of the current way?

What would really be great is if you could filter this by the page (or module) it's part of... but, again, at the very least, each block on its own line would at least make it a little bit easier to read.

I can't be the only person who's every brought this up, can I?

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Re: Clean up the GROUPS admin page??
  • 2008/3/17 5:50

  • Runeher

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I totally agree... It would be a huge improvement!

the worst part is when you're almost done and hit a block link and have to start all over... argh!

Re: Clean up the GROUPS admin page??
  • 2008/3/17 6:25

  • sarahmx

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i would also like this section to be improve.....

hope someone can post a solution

i've a similar issue in the block section..to messy with too many unwanted block listed....i found a solution in the FAQ


Re: Clean up the GROUPS admin page??
  • 2008/3/19 5:07

  • stefan88

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you may try GiJoes blocksadmin module(discontinued) or altsys which is the new module that merges blocksadmin and templatesadmin modules. Make shure you search GiJoes forums - there is a hack to manage bottom blocks as the original module didn't have them.


Re: Clean up the GROUPS admin page??
  • 2008/3/19 8:23

  • giba

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Actually, this is irritating. You will find this feature in version XOOPS by XTXM.

Another option would be the best and I believe, use the blocksadmin by Gijoe or the great module AltSys.

Besides the blocks concerned, the permissions of groups is complicated and AltSys facilitates this.



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