best chat module
  • 2008/1/11 11:46

  • tamerlo

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Hi all, I like to add a chat module to my XOOPS based site. Looking in the module repository is not easy to understand which module is still in development or not, and which characteristics has.

So I like too know which are the most common used modules for XOOPS 2.0 for this task.


Re: best chat module

Gabbly is quite good

Gabbly download

Edited: and it made me wait 30 seconds lol.

Re: best chat module
  • 2008/1/11 14:57

  • n01un0

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Flashchat is the best I have used. Ive tried every module or chat program I could get my hands on. The Flashchat is 5 bucks but worth it, trust me. Although it is not really a module, it does have a XOOPS intergration feature and ability. They have instructions on their website how to intergrate with xoops.

Just my 2 cents.

Re: best chat module

Yes Flashchat is quite amazing, but if you have a lot of chatters probably heaps better on a dedicated server than a shared one, for $5 it is a very good chat room and probably worth lots more! I only say this because some hosts dislike chat rooms, well, that is my experience anyway.

Re: best chat module

I use shoutbox 3.2.1 for my chatroom. It's real nice.

I create a web page with tinycontent, then put the shoutbox block in the page as a center block (full size). Works nice.

Re: best chat module
  • 2008/12/22 20:23

  • bprado

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fredgsanford, how do you that?

I have tinycontent, but i use that to create some html content or stuffs, if i put the shoutbox there in the center block, then all my other tinycontent pages have the shoutbox too!!

I just want to put like a menu or link that say Chat, and when the user clic that open a page with the shoutbox block in the center of the page

Re: best chat module
  • 2008/12/22 21:11

  • trabis

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You can use 'Dummy' module. It is an empty module. You can just rename the folder to anything you like before installing it. Then you use your chat block there.


Re: best chat module
  • 2008/12/23 12:52

  • bprado

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Thk Trabis, works great!!!

you should upload that dummy module to the modules download in this page!


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