Re: Tag 2.30 RC - X-Forum Plugin

Download the zip or tar from ghias link, when you extract it, you then need to rename the folder to tag the folder is not named correctly.

To be more clear

When you extract the archive, the name of the module folder is


this is wrong, it needs to be renamed to


I don't know why that hasn't been fixed, but it doesn't appear to be fixed when I downloaded the archive and tried it just now.


Re: Chronolabs to discontinue development

Well this is a sad day!

Good luck Simon, I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

Cheers......Darin ;o)

Re: Syndication module

Yep my RSS feeds stopped working on the planet module, eg. it stopped sending feeds to Twitter feed for example or displaying them. Wish PHPPP had the time to fix/finish his modules.

Article 2.0

CBB 4.0 and now


We gained a great Head developer and lost one of the best module creators!

Such is life ;o)

Re: Need a hack for NewBB to add rel="nofollow" to all posted links

I thought I would reply to this older post because it's what I would like to do as well, except I don't want nofollow to affect signature links on my forum, just links that are posted in CBB. Would anyone out there have any hacks or ideas on how to enable this?


Re: Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water......

Welcome back John ;o)

Re: No more WeBlog 1.45???


skyangelo wrote:
Does any module for Blog or articles carry out the import of posts from WeBlog?

Yes Xpress/wordpress can import from these


If you have posts or comments in another system WordPress can import them into your current blog. To get started, choose a system to import from below:
Old Blogger Import posts and comments from your Old Blogger account
LiveJournal Import posts from LiveJournal
RSS Import posts from an RSS feed
GreyMatter Import users, posts, and comments from a Greymatter blog
DotClear Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a DotClear blog
Movable Type and Typepad Imports posts and comments from your Movable Type or Typepad blog
Textpattern Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a Textpattern blog

As you can see it can import from RSS feeds, I did exactly what you want to do when I changed from weBlog to Xpress, it was a bit of work (time consuming), I actually created a Category for each user, then imported that users RSS feed of their individual blogs, not perfect but adequate.

You could install Xpress alongside weBlog and try importing the RSS feeds before you make Xpress live to your users and see how you go. If you are not happy with the outcome nothing should be affected because you are only importing the RSS feeds not the database or anything, eg. nothing needs to be deleted until you are happy.

Oh I should add, I guess if you have hundreds/thousands of blogs/users it may not be viable.


Re: Not working!

Sorry I haven't replied earlier, been busy, I have contacted tech support at the hosting company, they have logged into the site and witnessed the problem occuring. The first level tech briefly mentioned he can see that there may be a "session problem" after he viewed the logs.

He is going to escalate it to the senior techs, we will see what they have to say. I will update this thread when I hear back from them.

Thanks for your help ghia!

Cheers ;o)

Re: Not working!


ghia wrote:
120 seems a big number. Is this the correct entry in the modules table for profile (check with eg phpmyadmin)? Standard should this be 3. Did you uninstall the profile module and reinstall it in the past?

Yes I can see

120 in PHPMyAdmin modules >>> Profile mid 120

I don't think I have ever uninstalled the Profile module and reinstalled, but I was meesing about with the Match Module. The Match Module has been uninstalled and reinstalled a few times from memory. I thought it may be causing problems, mind you I had no evidence it was, but it was installed after profile module.

Now the Match Module is uninstalled and has been for a few days now.

Re: Not working!

I edited the files then uploaded them

I tried changing permissions and got this message now

Sorry, you don't have the permission to access this area.noadmin0

I hope that gives you an idea ghia ;o)

Re: Not working!

The database tables seem fine from what I can see anyway, I ran repair on them anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion


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