CRM module
  • 2007/11/4 20:54

  • svaha

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I'm looking for a kind of crm module that fits my needs.
Tried/tested several erm software like openErm, clearhealth and freemed, crm software like VTiger and sugarCRM and pim's like Essential pim.
Some of them are way to complicated for me (too many options that I don't need, some are just a little short of options.

I have a coaching and counseling business, also give workshops.
What I want is a crm :

that is capable of displaying a calendar where I can insert appointments / todo's and with a contacts/clients column, so I can easily insert appointments with existing clients, or ad new clients.

That is capable of printing a bill / invoice? and at the same time connects this bill to my client.

That is capable of connecting various info like attended workshops / short notes on progress of treatment / followed therapies and so on to my clients.

That is capable of making cross queries like : who attended a specific workshop, or a specific therapie.

That is capable of sending bulk mails to selected clients.

Re: CRM module
  • 2007/11/4 21:13

  • Burning

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Do you know Clientspace?

Very simple

Still learning CSS and... english

Re: CRM module
  • 2007/11/4 21:32

  • svaha

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I tested clientspace a long time ago, an alfa version.
Did it get past those alfa stage?

Re: CRM module
  • 2008/2/13 11:55

  • paulizaz

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I'd be interested to hear if it has passed alpha?

Re: CRM module
  • 2008/2/13 13:01

  • stefan88

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Re: CRM module
  • 2008/2/13 13:26

  • Peekay

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Clientspace is very nice. Creates a private space for each user, and/or groups. Admin can post notices and upload documents for download. Users can use notifications to be alerted of new stuff. Beta 3 works for me with XOOPS 2.0.16.

It would not solve your requirements on it's own, but could perhaps be used as a component alongside other modules. The only other user-centric modules I can think of is Xhelp.
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Re: CRM module
  • 2008/2/13 16:40

  • smart2

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Hi, just a word to tell that clientspace is not dead
The beta 3 version is about to be released, the only thing missing is a cleaning function to erase files that belong to a group that have been removed.
I had started a sourceforge project to store files, etc, but due to a lack of time it has been aborted.
Hope the module will fit your needs and I'll try to find some free time to release the first version.

Re: CRM module
  • 2008/2/14 19:28

  • stefan88

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Hi smart,

thanks for the module. beta _3 is more advanced than beta_1 I tested before.

It may be usefull to have space (files and messages/followups) for anonymous group too.

I noticed that you use title of the document for file name. That may cause some problems:
- can't be two documents with same title;
- title must be short;
- problem with some special symbols and alphabets;
- BIG problem for multilingual sites (Title like [en]English Title[/en][other]Other title[/other])
It will be good if it is some sort of option/field to enter or timestamp...

What is next, accounting part

Thanks again for the module


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