Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/10/29 3:30

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Bassman wrote:
Like the thread title says. Is anyone else sick of all this crap?

I've been a XOOPS user and a forum member since 2003. Over that time i've seen a lot of ups and downs in the project, people coming and going, and some coming and going more than once. But lately I can't believe what i'm seeing. I'm sick of all the ego trips, character assassination, lies, half-truths, accusations, misinformation, self-promotion, and all the plain crap. I'm not naming names, there's a lot of you, and you all know who you are. I wasn't going to say anything, but I really don't want to see something i've invested so much of my time in go down the toilet.T here's a lot of very talented people here wasting their time with this crap instead of making XOOPS better. I'm just wondering how many other users are sick of it all, and how many former users that have just disappeared because of it.


Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/1 17:38

  • armitage

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I am a long-time user of Xoops, though as my post count will attest, more a lurker than contributor, so I assume my comments will carry less weight than perhaps they ought.

Strictly from the POV of someone who has created a large number of sites using Xoops, and someone who always found the community to be welcoming and helpful, I have to say now, that all seems to be in doubt for the future. There is more sniping, griping, hand-wringing and finger pointing than I ever expected to see.

I seriously considered throwing my hat into the ring and volunteering for a role in the future of XOOPS when the recent restructuring took place, but I didn't. If that makes me a bad person, or unveils a character flaw, that's my problem. I can't blame anyone for staying out of the fray considering the spirit that has enveloped this community, whose collective efforts are now seemingly all in jeopardy of being overshadowed by personal conflicts, old grudges and what appears to be out-and-out malice toward some.

The last thing I want is to lose Xoops. The next-to-last thing I want is to be labeled as another me-too griper, but I just had to get this off my chest. If someone can suggest a role I might take that would move this juggernaut-threatening-to-become-a-ghost-ship in a more positive direction, without exposing myself to ridicule for offering positive suggestions, I would gladly accept its mantle.

Until then, I will continue to read these posts with the same detachment I reserve for emails from old friends who have fallen and refuse to get back up.

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?

I have added your page
Check the proposal link for the updated going on...


Looking forward to your participation.

...BS aka darcy and BlueStocking
https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/1 20:19

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Xoops has the best concept and implementation of all the CMS's out there. But I find it painful to come here anymore. The environment is acidic and is destroying everyone -- devs, staff and users.

Please, stop the petty politics and return to doing what you all do best -- making the most user-friendly, admin-friendly, intuitive, powerful CMS available anywhere.

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/1 21:25

  • armitage

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Wow! Now that's what I call action. I'll be looking for ways to contribute, and welcoming suggestions.

I am a sysadmin / developer, and a long-term XOOPS user. Visit here for my portfolio and here to learn a bit more about my experience and qualifications.

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/2 0:33

  • Xman04

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It may be worth looking at the original organizational structure that led to the first successful versions of XOOPS. When I first joined the community a few years ago, there was a steady flow of core upgrades, new modules, improved documentation, etc.

Obviously, the original organizational structure worked very well at that time, since it resulted in a lot of productivity and completed goals. I realize that XOOPS is a lot larger in scope now, which means that the organizational structure has to grow with it. However, it still may be worth looking at what worked in years past, so that maybe we can apply some of that to the current issues.

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/2 0:38

  • Chappy

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I too have been here a long while. I come here much less frequently now. It's too painful. I have been looking around trying to find other ways to manage my site.

In life and in this place, I wish we could show the politicians the door. The reality is that kind and respectful people don't want to spend time in the kind of environment that we have tolerated here.

So, until those who have called folks idiots, have used abusive language (acronyms), or whatever other forms of abuse apologize and move on, nothing will improve.

Similarly, those who routinely bait these discussions should be banned. Isn't it interesting how these folks always advocate for these discussions being held in the open? Right. They enjoy the controversy. They like being the center of attention.

I have nearly decided that there is no will here - in spite of some good advances - to deal with building a respectful community. Until that occurs, from the top down, we will continue to revisit this sorry discussion.

By the way, I don't always understand some of the posts that I read from some of the folks who say they don't speak English well. But, I respect you and the work you have been and are doing for xoops. I read your posts and I like what many of you are saying... Some of you are the reason I have stayed as long as I have.
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Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?


Please join in and offer your expertise and help us make what you as a end user would like to see it be.

https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/2 1:01

  • MadFish

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There is a will, but it is going to take a while. The vast majority of people still want to see XOOPS go forwards, the real battle is in getting people talking and working together again. It's going to take a while. We look forward to your constructive input!

Re: Is anyone else sick of all this crap?
  • 2007/11/2 3:41

  • seth_sd

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I agree with MadFish. He has taken a lead roll in making that happen as well as a dozen or so others with the desire to see XOOPS succeed.

There are some issues, that for better or worse, exist today within the community/foundation that cannot be undone in a day. I am participating in the discussion in order to provide my professional and personal experiences in a way that is hopefully useful.

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