Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/17 8:52

  • Ronaldus

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Thx for this explanation DJ!

I also agree with Mamba and jayjay: timely communication is important.

I think we should NOT go for private disputes between Council, Foundation and Teams. When everyone would have had all information things wouldn't have to escalate as they have done lately, which made indeed a kind of unprofessional impression.
Community and the good name of XOOPS suffered from this I'm afraid.

Perhaps a task for communication team?

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[edit 2]Great road map![/edit 2]

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/17 8:58

  • nachenko

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Great news, great news.

As usual, I'll wait for the EXM edition of every new release until the old control panel is replaced. I hope it happens soon!

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/17 9:02

  • MadFish

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Better communication would help avoid a lot of disputes, and a bit of consultation or open discussion would be even better.

A mechanism by which the community can submit proposals to various arms of the management and get some kind of response on them is also sorely needed.

XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/17 12:16

  • tzvook

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Hello DJ , All

Thank you for the info, good to hear that the branches merge will be this year !!!

I have a request, probably many users will agree:
Since the beginning (of time ) of XOOPS there was a problematic issue which is dealing with members.

The profile module changed it a bit , but far from being enough !!!
I'm mentioning it since it's one of the two "core modules" and since this functionality is usually in the core (as is in the 2.0x series) .

So : what am I talking about ?
When you deal with user/members it's a bit absurd that you don't have the tools to import/export them (and I'm not talking about straggling with phpMyAdmin) ... especially when dealing with a corporate website which serves a company and usually has to import-export users data, to/from it's CMS from/to XOOPS ...

as I see it, XOOPS must have the ability to share data with desktops ( win / linux / Unix / mac / whatever .. ) and it usually is done via CSV files which are easy to manipulate afterwards via Excel / open office calc or any other tool on any other op. system.

please add to your basic list of "to do" for the merge ... some basic members-handaling features, as the profile module is doing it's work partly , though is a good base.

Not long ago I needed to mass-delete 300 users, and had an unpleasent surprise when I found out that the 2.2. series don't have the ability to that simple task that even the 2.0 series does. (old members module) ... what's more basic than that ... dealing efficiantly with site users !!! ... that's one of the 2 basics for a community site: data and users ...

Over the years I saw XOOPS users asking and asking for CSV converters .... trying buggy/old/partly solutions ... when the solution is not so hard to make ..... I'm not much of a coder, so it's beyond my skills, but I saw a lot of CSV manipulators made with php (for mailing-lists and so...) and since members handling is a core or core-module depends what the merge will bring us , so it's a feature request that is badly needed for years now.

I see it as a badly needed feature due to the fact that after the merge php4 won't be supported and a lot of users might stay with it for a long time ... which might open another versions gap.

Re: XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/17 15:27

  • tzvook

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Hello Giba
I'm glad to know Xmail will now import - export users in csv format.
I'm using version 2 on one of my sites and am very glad with it, though the english is a bit problematic.

It'll be part of the solution, since I'm especially talking about exporting the data in the profiles module and we'll probably see a similar thing in the merged version.

I say that it's vital for managing user/customers data for any XOOPS site, with the custum fields ability, but is almost useless without the ability to export it back to the company user base, to do external use with it (external to xoops) ... I.E. import it to the company CRM , to an external mailinglist , or even to printable lists.

If I expend it more , this kind of module should also present graphic and numeric data about user (hey, we are talking php here with gd bundle by default....)... but well, this one is beyond core or core-module ...
The profile module is/was a core module in the 2.2. series because handeling users is a core feature by nature, I'm saying that it needs to be more mature in it's next version .... to meet the basic requirements from a modern CMS or "FRAMEWORKS"

I'll be glad to join the alpha / Beta testers of the fine Xmail module, I'll PM you with my Email.
I just wonder if it was tested under the 2.2.x series.

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/21 2:37

  • phppp

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Thank you all for your inspiration, your constructive suggestions in development, management and communication.

I hope we can establish a system soon so that every XOOPSer feels feel and comfortable to contribute in a sustainable way.

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/21 3:58

  • alitan

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Great news Phppp! I am really that you made it clear, and completely understand your reasoning for this. I am sorry if I said things against the idea previously, but those comments were only made due to the fact that you had not clearly discussed this to public. Now that you have, I completely support it!
I hope that this will come true, as opposed to previous promises about Xoopsphere which clearly were just promises...
Again, Great Idea, Great Effort and Great Work!
My Persian Xoops Project:

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/21 15:33

  • Marco

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thanks for these longly awaited core news !


I recommended the Xoopsphere code and promised to build a development team for them.
As a return favor, they would like to share their code with us, if the Xoopsphere fits their requirements; which I feel is a very good idea, which will benefit both our companies.
In this way, whilst the XOOPS Core Dev Team is focused on 2.0 and 2.4, they can pick up the Xoopsphere code and improve upon it.
Once the XOOPS Core Dev Team finishes with the 2.4 release and gets ready for 3.0 development, which is expected by the end of 2007 or early 2008, they will hand over their code back to the Core Dev Team.
So before the XOOPS Core Dev Team starts development on 3.0, there will be an improved code base available for all.

*hum, Xoopsphere code ? what is that ? i was not aware of it. Do you mind the skalpa's roadmap+2.3 code ? or skalpa gave some piece of code ???
about the chineese initiative, what are the main objectives on a core and end users's point of view ? those stated in the skalpas' s long xoopsphere roadmap? is their code more ECM oriented? do they plan to take care about XOOPS speed display and scalability? do they plan to make it possible to use XOOPS with another DB than mysql, Oracle or pgsql for example ? is their code already php5/6 oriented?
could you post somewhere some words about their detailed roadmap, thanks for you inputs in advance
Do synergy or die.

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/25 8:51

  • Garrath

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Sorry for my bad english...

I don't understand all...
Is it the roadmap of official XOOPShttp://xoops.wiki.sourceforge.net/CoreRoadmap?

I think it's not very detailled...

And this RoadMap - Connecting with other databases is not the official xoops?

And what is XoopsPhere?

I think people can make confusion...

I think official must be more detailled and i think the roadmap of official must be discuss because i think some features must be discuss and ordered.
We may have a final point and we may ordered features for arrived in a good way to final point.

I'm a french guy i discuss more in xoops.fr... i can't manage my time allways to participate in XOOPS dev, then i don't propose my self to core team, but i think you may discuss on more detailled roadmap (without date) for make a good ordonancement to have a good xoops.
I think there is 2 ideas to put on the discuss :
- the new XOOPS may have a good (total?) compatibilities with actual XOOPS module
- the new XOOPS must give at module's developper good facilities (less code to module developper...)

=> where do you want XOOPS go?

Re: Some explanations of XOOPS development in the coming months
  • 2007/10/25 10:59

  • tzvook

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Garrath wrote:
... And what is XoopsPhere?

There a quick search field on the right of this site, waiting (actually begging) to be used

read here (among other places)


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