Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/9/30 19:16

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I'm thinking of adding a Photo Gallery to my site. Currently leaning towards extGallery as I already use extCal which I like and Zoullou's support is good.

I'd like to see what it can do before committing, but would also be very interested to see galleries compiled with other such modules.

Please help me by posting gallery examples from your website in this thread

Also, and ideally, I'd like to have (if possible) a gallery module with:

1. some kind of automatic shrinking of large photos to set contraints, e.g. 1024 x 768px

2. if I limit uploads to jpeg formats, I'd like to have automatic compression to a maximum filesize.

Am I asking too much, or is there a gallery module that already does these things? Do they all do it?

All advice very welcome and much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/1 1:15

  • limecity

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if you like to showoff your photos in your website. i think the best one would still be xcgal. its the only one with functional exif reader as far as i know. problem is, the interface may be complicated to understand for non net-savy users so you may get lack of photo contributions from members if you use this module. that is according to my experience. Very good category management with thumbnails and category description. I would say its a very complete module that does not need any further development. It is as good as it is now.

myalbum-p is user friendly for users. unfortunately, the development of this module seem to be dead in developer's site. I am slowing porting my photos from myalbum-p to xcgal.

extGallery is has fancy features. I love the ajax feature most of all and its embedded tag in XOOPS cms. I think they have great support too! looking forward to their future development.
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Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/1 3:09

  • sinor

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I think xcgal is a better one.

Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/1 12:47

  • NavyCS

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Angler Gossip has a gallery using Gallery2 - I am working out (well, attempting too, I am not a programmer...).

Adding the Gallery is a little complicated and I still have some issues to work out - main one is the page titles in the gallery (having the same issue with a couple other mods). The URLs look great though :)

Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/9 17:39

  • Anonymous

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limecity wrote:

i think the best one would still be xcgal.


I've downloaded xcgall from the Module Dev Forge. The .zip file is labelled "xoops2.2.x_mod_xcgall_2.0.3" and is dated November 9th 2006

Is this the latest version and does it work with XOOPS 2.0.17? The package labelling has me wondering......

Going to try extGallery, too.


Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/9 19:37

  • skenow

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John - that is the latest version of xcgal and it does work with 2.0.17 It's my favorite, so far. extgal has potential, though

Reasons I like it -
1. It preserves the image names, instead of renaming as myAlbum-p does
2. Permissions are pretty easy to handle. XOOPSgallery has one of the most granular, which can make it rather difficult to manage. Never really got the group thing to work with it
3. Presentation is easy to work with too.

Things I wish it did, or did better -
1. Resize images that are too large (doesn't do) XG and myalbum both do
2. Rotate images (doesn't do - myalbum does)
3. Allow albums to be assigned to multiple groups (can only assign to a single group or have it be public)
4. Integrate with the wysiwyg editors (myalbum has a hack for this, extgallery does too)
5. ajax? kinda cool, but not high on my list of needs

Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/10 8:45

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Thanks Steve,

No resize? Hmmm....... presumably one can set a max size (pixels and filesize) within the module?

Guess I'm going to have to find out these things for myself

Think I'll try 'em both, just to be sure.

Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/10 9:39

  • suico

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take a look in:
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Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/10 10:27

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Re: Show us your Photo Galleries!!
  • 2007/10/10 12:03

  • stuie200

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sinor wrote:
I think xcgal is a better one.

Out of all the gallery modules i have tried i also prefer xcGal.

I have a couple of blocks running on the home page and if you click the "image gallery" link on the top menu bar you can see xcGal working as it should be.

I have hacked the code to change page titles and display different "alt tags" for images and a few other things including watermarking but generally what you see is the latest release.

Link: Traction Time Image Gallery



Edit: you can set the maximum file dimentions in the admin panel
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