Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/15 8:49

  • slyss

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Biteronboard wrote:

"Sorry about the delay in release, I have been busy on my latest book. After the book is released, I will finalize my work on this Ajax Profile Module, and release it., so that more may come of it."

Instead of that it sounded like "Buy my book, and you will get this."

I still think that this is a fantastic project, and am looking forward to seeing this actualized in the next core release. If that is what you have in mind. If you intend to peddle this as an addon, that information would surely get a lot of people off your back.

this is the situation (sorry for my english... is not my first language):


- my NEW XOOPS Book, in english edition, is my first target because i want public a "real guide, tutorial, tricks, etc" accessible and affordable for all people (Book will be sell on Amazon at about 15$). This is my First target.

- in my NEW XOOPS Book you will see a complete guide step-by-step for benigger for the first 10 chapters and for the others 8 chapters a guide to increase functionality to XOOPS Web Site for expert people. So you can find all info you need for a basic site or for a complicated site. And then, in the last chapter you will se a COMPLETE guide step-by-step of my hack of integration XOOPS Site + Myalbum System (like this: click here) and so: any user can upload simply photos and automatically use it in Cbb, comments, users's profile, etc...

Xoops Users's Profile AJAX BASED SITUATION:

- My Module Ajax Based is this:


with this feature:

1) myalbum integration: any user can upload 50 their photos simply. Then you can select which is the MAIN PHOTO and this will be your AVATAR for all XOOPS Site: forum, comment, private messagges, etc

2) integration with Extended Profile (or SmartProfile)

3) business info TAB: connected with my modification of UserPage named: MARKETPLACE

4) Tab with all your photos where you can delete, add or make main any photos

5) Tab with User Contacts: skype, msn, etc

6) Contact list: here you have your Friend List. For Eg.: Users "Jordan" add at his Friend List user "Shaq". User "Shaq" receive a mail of this situation and the user "Shaq" can accept or delete this connection. Green Line is for accepted connections, yellow live is for waiting for approval, red line is not accetepted. (In the future you can see also profile you have visited recently).

7) Activity TAB: all comments or posts into forum of this user

8) Connection feature: when a user visit your profile you receive a mail with info about this user (age, gender, etc) and the direct link of his profile


Future TASKS:

1) Make this Module compatible con XOOPS 2.4 (in this moment is compatible only for XOOPS 2.2.x)

2) Make this Module automatizated for all field and automatizated with myalbum integration and cbb

3) Make it stable

4) Make stable the great TEST feature of EDIT FIELDS ON THE FLY (click here)

5) a page with statistics

6) other...



This mean which my NEW XOOPS Book and my XOOPS User's Profile AJAX BASED are two different project! And it is demonstrable beacuse in my book i will go to insert my XOOPS Users's Profile Integration with myalbum-p base.


- believe me or not.
- buy my future XOOPS Book or not (http://www.xoopsbook.com/)
- donate me something via paypal (stefanoitalia@gmail.com)
- do nothing

I spent all my free time in XOOPS world. I'm Co-Webmaster of XOOPS Italia Project (http://www.xoopsitalia.org/).

I write many hack/mod for XOOPS Italian Community (click here).

I spent my free time for the XOOPS Project because i belive in it...


Stefano Sly

Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/15 12:26

  • Will_H

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Yeah, I 've spent many a night cursing at translate.google.com because its anylanguage to english sucks.

This is good news, looking forward to getting ahold of that book, if the few english language walkthrough's on your site are any clue as to how good this is going to be.. this will be well worth the $15.

Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/19 15:51

  • nypd2

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OMG... This entire user is spamvertising. i Have read everything, and i will report him as spamvertizer. I doubt that this book even exist.

Re: User's ofile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/19 17:03

  • slyss

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@ all:

i don't understand why do you attack me. Really... i don't understand.

My Italian Book was translated by an english mother-language and will be in Amazon in November 07.

Then i will go to work at my AJAX PROFILE to prepare it for XOOPS 2.4.

This is not spam. This are the facts.

Best, Sly

Re: User's ofile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/19 17:16

  • Mantooth

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Don't worry about it slyss. it's only a couple people attacking you.

i look forward to your release of the ajax profiles and i also hope your book does well.

I hate Mortal Kombat

Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2007/9/22 16:11

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thanks a lot Mantooth!


Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2008/4/25 21:06

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Re: Userss Profile AJAX based!
  • 2008/4/25 21:07

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Re: Users Profile AJAX based!
  • 2009/1/10 23:21

  • pablo103

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What is going on here, is this italian guy just doing advertisment for his book? don t trust he will ever share his AJAX PROFILE Hack, he is just just doing a lot of noice around for his personal profits. SMART...

Re: Users Profile AJAX based!
  • 2009/1/10 23:39

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Please don't

Slyss is one of the greatest XOOPS contributor (my opinion)
Still learning CSS and... english


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