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Hello everybody:
I'm trying to adapt XOOPS to many of my projects, since i see it as an adequate tool for fast implementation of websites.
Now... i'm thinking if it's possible (sure it is... but) and good idea to use XOOPS as the platform for implementing an Intranet in my organization... how doable, practical, useful, efficient, proffesional is it???
I'd like to hear your opinions about this, i would really appreciate any comment.
Thanx everybody!!

Emilio Leyes
Salta, Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/5/22 3:49

  • JMorris

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It really depends on the goal you are trying to accomplish.

XOOPS has many strengths that are well suited to the corporate environment. Specifically...

Support for LDAP authentication
Granular permission structure
Fully extensible framework
Hundreds of pre-made modules that address most common needs
A very simple theme engine that is easy to customize to suite your company's overall look and feel

As far as support goes, there are over 30,000 members on this site and many of them are well versed in building sites with XOOPS. At its core, this community is very friendly and very helpful.

If you could provide us with a list of objectives for your project, we can help you find the right modules and themes to suit your need.
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Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/5/22 4:10

  • snow77

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About access permissions... you can create groups to whom which you give personalized access to modules and blocks...that on the global level.

In a more specific level most modules create an extra level of permission for certain pages or categories. For interchanging information this is very usefull so you can have for example secretaries see one thing and managers see something different. For example in extCal, the calendar module, different agendas can be managed for different groups

Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/5/22 11:51

  • Anonymous

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I think permissions per user will be great idea for intranet system.

Re: XOOPs - Intranet

Hi everybody!
i thought i had written you a reply already, but it didn´t post or i forgot the button "Post"...
As i was commenting, mi intentions are to implement an Intranet with the following features:
- Communication of objectives, policies, strategies, etc. to everybody in the organization.
- Communication of "what's new" in the organization, with the most recent and relevant news for everybody.
- Facilitating the implementation of security protocols: it is intended that every information that is given to another organization (digitalized or printed) is registered in a printed form, with the signatures of the resposible for giving information, and the destination, etc. The intranet must provide an environment that let do all this in an efficient way.
- Interaction: Every person in the organization must be able to give his/her opinion on everything, as a way of feedback for improving the way the organization works. The intranet must provide forms for this.

I hope you understand my poor english and THANKS VERY MUCH for all your help!
Salta, Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/6/15 14:52

  • paulizaz

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Emitojleyes I cannot see a reply for this so I will add to help any intranet developers.

I have helped implement an intranet.
The XOOPS Permissions is great for this purpose.

There are a few News modules. I have used 'news' which is very simple. You control who publishes news and all users can rate each article and add comments.

Comments can be added for most XOOPS modules.

For the rest of your needs, you may use a variety of article modules (I have found 'smartsection' to be great and 'content' to be quite poor). Discussion centres (the 'newbb' module works very well for me) as a standard forum style.

I have found modules with planned organisation, e.g. folders and subfolders to be best for Intranet purposes. That way you can create many categories (e.g. security protocols, objectives, policies etc) and publish pages, articles for each.
'Smartfaq' is another good module for managing pages. Does not have to be used for FAQs. Users can then submit their own pages, request pages by title and answer requested pages.

A Document Centre (module 'dms' works well for me) is the best way to store documents (e.g. .doc / pdf / html etc) again in folder/subfolder layout.

Surveys are a good way to also gain feedback and involve staff. The module 'bmsurvey' works well for standard http sites.


Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/6/15 15:39

  • paulizaz

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I have found a XOOPS intranet package with a good collection of the modules I have talked about.


Modules include:

CBB 2.2 (discussion forums)
Dokuwiki 1.0 (documentation wiki)
MultiMenu 1.7
piCal 0.51 (calendars)
WF-Downloads 2.05a
XoopsPoll 1.0
SmartFAQ 1.04
SmartSection 1.0

Re: XOOPs - Intranet

Thanks very much for your help.!!
I have been a little disconnected from this projects due to a lot of work my people considered "more important"...
I have been already trying my intranet-xoops in a test server and it works great! and what is more important, it adapts to our needs!!
Now the question is: i want to integrate the XOOPs authentication with the one already in my domain...
i tried to do this by filling just the options referred to "Active Directory", because i don't understand LDAP and stuff...
So, please, can you help me with these?? I'll thank you a lot!!
Emilio Leyes,
Salta Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: XOOPs - Intranet
  • 2007/10/30 15:44

  • sato-san

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You can Download a newer Packages over my Website here.

Nice XOOPSing, René


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