Re: Module News 1.44 - not adding extended text

One more question:
in previous version of news (1.44), i was able to upload wav files. In this version i can't.
I added the following line in Module News/Preferences:

Also, in modules\news\class\class.mimetype.php i added:
"wav" => "audio/wav",
"Wav" => "audio/wav",
"WAV" => "audio/wav",

Is there anything else i am missing?

Thanks all for your response.

Re: Xoops Time Settings

Hi all and thanks for the responses.
Mamba, i have tried the time zone setting in User Settings, but it's set to -3GMT just as General Settings.

Feichtl, i don't know how to do what you tell me; if u could explain me a little more, i'll appreciate it very much.

Xoops Time Settings

Hi everyone, i'm having a trouble, or it isn't one, and I just need to configure something and that's all.
The thing is that when i use any module, for example News, and post an article, the time that it shows isn't the right one, according to the "General Settings" - Server timezone and default timezone...

Additionally to the general settings - server timezone and default timezone, is there any other configuration parameter i should take a look at for solving this issue?

I appreciate a lot any help at this.

Best regards,


Re: Module News 1.44 - not adding extended text

Now that i have updated to News 1.63 the problem is solved. Thanks very much to all, for your help.

Re: Module News 1.44 - not adding extended text

Thanks very much for your response!
I also thinks with the upgrade, this problem would be solved.
Anyway, would you help me find the lastest version of News? I can see now there are lots of alternatives.
My News Module is widely and for a long time being used, and i can't discard all this info with another news module.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Module News 1.44 - not adding extended text

Hi everyone; i'm using a little bit old version of News Module (1.44), and am about to upgrade it, alltogehter with Xoops.
I'd appreciate you help me with this bug:
Sometimes (only sometimes), when Creating a new article, what i write in the "extended text" section doesn't appear when published. It DOES appear when editing that article, but in normal use, the option "Read more..." is not available.
The same problem occurs when creating an article with no extended text, and editing for adding extended text, and it isn't visible either.
I hope i made myself clear, and thanks in advance for any tip in order to solve this.

Emilio Leyes

Re: Invisible blocks - page fits all the browser

i solved it.
It really was a theme issue, as i tried a 1/2 column theme and the problem is solved.
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: Invisible blocks - page fits all the browser

Hi, thanks for your reply.
In effect, i meant that: my theme using only the center column, with no left or right block. And this center column autmatically extend.
I'm using default theme.
Do u know a theme that adjust automatically?
I thought it was going to be easier,...

Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Invisible blocks - page fits all the browser

Hi everyone, i'd like to know how can i do in order to make my website to fit in all the screen, disabling (not seeing) left or right blocks.
I can make not visible any blocks, but every module leaves a white space at the left,...
I'm trying with xoops 20.0.16 and xoops 2.4
Thanks in advance for the answers and help
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: Can't Login! Haven't touched a thing!

Hi everyone:
sorry for posting before making a deep search in the forums...
But i swear! i put "login problems" in the search box... and nothing.
The problem was a broken table: xoops_session.
This link helped me a lot. Thanks very much!!

Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

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