Moving away from xcGallery

I've been building a XOOPS site and used xcGallery to build test galleries for my site. My clients would now like to move away from xcGallery and I'm looking for an easy to use gallery that has a script to migrate the galleries over. xcGallery was ok but awkward to use .. explaining user and admin mode was a pain for all. We have non-computer users who'll be using the site so I'm looking for these requirements: Very easy to use, public galleries (open and moderated), user galleries (only public), ratings and comments, a way to handle a photo of the month would be nice but we can do it on our own. Also we'd like members to be able to upload photos into their own user gallery by using something like xrmanager. We plan on member user pages and would like the ablity to upload directly to members disk directory without using a gallery module. Resizing photos on the fly is nice...watermarks are extra credit.

Thanks all in advance for the advice.

Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/23 5:20

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Try out eXtgallery. It's easier to use for User. Just my opinion.

Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/23 6:07

  • MadFish

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Suggest you take a look at eXtGal, it has a very nice interface and offers thumbs and watermarks etc. There was also a new gallery module xsgallery recently, but I haven't tried that.

Problem with xcgal is that it's no longer supported, as far as I am aware.

Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/23 7:16

  • riosoft

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myalbum (Gijoe) is a very good module!
Try it too!

Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/23 10:03

  • kris_fr

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davidl2 wrote:
(extGallery has a very nice "hack" to allow easy use of the thumbnails in other modules... which is very useful )

And also this tips for lightbox, thickbox and greybox


Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/23 13:58

  • mboyden

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xcGallery, a port of the Coppermine gallery, is not dead. Latest release was in November 2006. I'm working on it some to make it less clunky as I'd agree with that. For one of my clients who was confused over the User/Admin mode, I just removed those links from the header, and that took care of that issue. I also kept the links in for the admins using the Smart Templates admin variable to make it easy to switch back and forth for site admins. However, once you've done this once in the beginning, you don't really care to do it anymore. And, it's just as easy to have two browsers running with different logins as most developers do. I tried a number of others including XoopsGallery (a "port" of Gallery, but not integrated with XOOPS very well yet - no user/permission integration), myAlbum, xsGallery, picito, and extgallery. Each has its strengths, but if you want both site-wide and user galleries, shared, contributive, or not, then xcGallery works very well, especially if you work extensively on the templates. Once I'm done with my update, I'll release it and announce here. My preference is to contribute to the project, but we'll see. I've contacted the developer.

Maybe there needs to be a total update starting with the new Coppermine code, although a new release is about to happen. Maybe XoopsGallery could learn from the xosCommerce integration, which was done VERY well.

Good luck!

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Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/26 14:18

  • anemic

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Hi All,

It's good to hear all these recommendations. I'm looking for a gallery that fits some of the criteria listed below. I'd like people responding to this thread to speak up about whether their favorite gallery supports these options.

1) Automatic creation of a member album(gallery) with directory name based on uid or uname. I'll have several general purpose galleries and then browseable member galleries/albums. General gals will be public but we'd like only the member to have write access to their own gallery. Ie All images from a member go to a unique directory for their personal album.
2) Easy to use for novices. Image uploads, deletes and other functions should be very simple.
3) Resize of big images to some max resolution (like 600x600). Thumbs created automatically (or auto generated for browsing).
4) Watermarks (text or image-based).
5) Postcards (eCards) of photos can be sent..
6) Gallery provided disk quotas based on group membership.
7) Ratings / comments for photos.
8) Extra credit a migration script from xcGallery.

If anyone knows which galleries would provide these features please speak up.

Thanks, anemic

Re: Moving away from xcGallery
  • 2007/4/28 1:28

  • ewonline

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Coppermine gallery (newest version) integrate fairly well with XOOPS. I've used it before and the bridge they have for XOOPS worked great.
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