Re: Suddenly get "This is your first time to enter the administration section"

Wow five minute turn around on this question. Thanks Mowaffak..I flushed that directory recently.

Suddenly get "This is your first time to enter the administration section"


I've a production site that's been up for about 2 years. Today when I login as admin I get the message "This is your first time to enter the administration section. Press the button below to proceed". Now since I've logged in as admin thousands of times I'm slightly concerned. Anyone see this before ?


cmsmatrix.org xoops entry


cmsmatrix.org is a site allowing anyone to compare the hundreds of content management systems documented with each other. Each CMS is documented by a person knowledgeable about the CMS and available plugins/addons for the CMS. The XOOPS entry has a number of nice features listed as supported by a 'Free Add On'. Obviously someone very knowledgeable about XOOPS has submitted the entry and is familiar with the add on modules providing the additional functionality. I was hoping someone here either knew who submitted the entry or coud tell me the modules used to backup the entry.

I'm mostly interested in friendly urls, Drag-N-Drop Content,Mass Upload,Login History and database reports.


Re: working with dates

Just look at the date function. there are a number of ways to do this and examples on the date function page at php net. I do lots of timing work and usually work with clock ticks. You can store the date of submission in the db and when its 30 days worth of clock tics (30 days * 3600 seconds per hour * 24 hours per day) past your time() value expire the article.

Re: Xoops Search - A Better Implementation?

I liked your search presentation and thought it was a nice effect.

You don't say whether you program or not but if you do you can do something like change the search application to search only the modules you want (in the order you want) and return the results however you'd like to do so. For example you can place search returns into an array sorted by timestamp to show most recent matches first. You can use associative arrays to sort on other non-numeric fields. You'd have to format the data but you'd present matches based on time (or other criteria like uname, user rank , module, whatever or combinations of all) instead of module grouping.

Additionally you should check out the PcWorld/Computerworld.dk sites. These were developed using XOOPS as a replacement for in-house asp apps. They've replaced some of the article modules but specifically they replaced the search engine with the apache open-source Lucene engine. It's pretty fast on the site and I'm sure can be configured to return indexes of anything. See this article HERE.

Article management

I'm working on a new site that will have a lot of news articles submitted. I'm looking for a robust article management system. I was hoping the collective here can speak up about which module works best with these requirements.

First I'd like a newspaper like page with different areas of the page reserved for a specific topic or category. Each section will have an image as a header. For each topic/category I'd like to click a link to see all 'older news' articles for that category. I'd like articles to bepublished , expired and possibly archived on a per article basis. On the front page I'd like teaser paragraphs and pics to take me to a complete page for the article.

Automatic layout would be great. Currently I have a two-column format organized as table cells. If the left and right column teasers are much different in length we have to move cells around on the page...a major pain.

Revision control of articles is nice. Archiving older articles is very useful. Good navigation from the front page. Rating of articles is good too. Extra credit for good styling in the module.

thanks all for reading this. Please do nominate your favorite article module.

Re: Using javascript - where does script removed come from?

I just told you what I did. There are regular expressions in the code looking for the word javascript. Down in the text sanitizing code there's a place where this string is replaced with '(script removed)'. So the secret is to use some code name of your own and have the filter replace it with the word javascript.

Re: Using javascript - where does script removed come from?

I found the code is in the text sanitizer process. I'm sure there' a sanctioned way to add javascript functions and allow them to be called in content pages. As a work around I added some code to class/module.textsanitizer.php so that when I pass in


it returrns

href='J A V A S C R I P T :myfunction'

without the extra spaces. I'm sure there's a better way but this worked quickly.

Using javascript - where does script removed come from?


I'm installing some custom content in Tiny Content pages. Whenever I view the page my href has (script removed) inserted in the reference. Where does this come from and how do I get rid of it?


Re: I dream of XOOPS/CubeCart integration

Did you try zen with the zen cart - XOOPS integration package?

pod really like your shop integration..nicely done. Is the shop supposed to work for anonymous users ? I'd click to add to basket and it didnt take me anywhere. I assume because I've not signed in .

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