New install - blank page (IIS op sys) can't resolve ?
  • 2006/10/10 20:36

  • rock8

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XOOPS Version: 2.0.15
Module Name/Version: ?
PHP Version: 4.3.2
MySQL Version: 3.23.49
Web Server Software (Apache/IIS/Other): IIS
Operating System: Windows
Theme you are using: Default
Custom template: (Yes/No) No
PHP Debug Messages: blank page, even when error messages are turned on
MySQL Debug Messages: none
Smarty Debug Messages: none
A full description of the issue:

It's the dreaded blank page. This is a brand new install. The install process went without a hitch, with all green lights from start to finish. Using phpmyadmin, it is confirmed that the database does exist and does contain 31 XOOPS tables. But the very first time one views the site at index.php, a blank page appears. Also, a blank page at admin.php. I have issued the debug query with "UPDATE xoops_config SET conf_value=1 WHERE conf_name = 'debug_mode'", but no errors appear. I have edited include/common.php to change "error_reporting(0);" to "error_reporting(E_ALL);", but no errors appear. What else can I try?

Re: New install - blank page

A couple of suggestions - use search to find information on IIS as an operating system - I know some have had trouble with this. Second, go through the section 'C. possible fixes' on this FAQ as there are a lot of 'make sure you have...' instructions that you can follow even though you can't get a debug message up on your screen.

Finally with XOOPS 2.0.15 there is Quote:
Known issues / Things you should be aware of
Files integrity check

XOOPS is now released with a script able to check if all the system files were correctly uploaded to the server. To use it, follow these instructions:

1. Upload the xoops_md5.php and xoops.md5 files located in the XOOPS package root to your XOOPS server folder (putting them next to mainfile.php).
2. Execute xoops_md5.php with your browser
3. If necessary, re-upload the missing or corrupted system files
4. Remove xoops_md5.php and xoops.md5 from your server

Revealing the blank page backtrace log

XOOPS displays a basic error page when a fatal error preventing it to run is encountered. To help you diagnose the cause of the error, this page contains additional messages that are hidden by default. To reveal them, use your browser "select all" function (for most browsers, you can use "Ctrl+A").

Try both of these and see what the results are - we can use more than php debug now

Re: New install - blank page
  • 2006/10/10 21:09

  • rock8

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Thanks very much for the reply. I uploaded xoops_md5.php and it's companion file, and ran it... and indeed, it came back and said that common.php was invalid. I re-uploaded common.php... but the site still comes up blank. Does the install process write configuration data to common.php? Am I in trouble now for having uploaded a clean version of common.php?

Referring to your suggestion about hitting Control-A... my page comes up totally blank. View Source (and Control-A) display nothing.

Re: New install - blank page

Ok...I am over my head with what to do with most individuals files. You can try pressing the system admin update if you can get to your admin page. I think you can also do this in php.myadmin but i am not sure how. Hopefully someone with more expertise will jump in on this thread now we have something to work with.

Re: New install - blank page
  • 2006/10/11 21:18

  • rock8

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Yes, I can get to the database via phpmyadmin, so if someone has something I could try there, I'd appreciate hearing.

Here are some new clues....

I wanted to check to see if the blank page represented a php error which might cause the php to die, or if the page was executing fine but was just not coming up with anything to put on the screen. To test this, I added:
echo "this page is OK"; to index.php... and my blank page now came up saying "this page is ok". So index.php seemed to be a happy page. Noting that index.php has a call to mainfile.php, I added the same echo statement to that file... and again, the text printed to the screen. My admin.php file comes up blank, too, so I added the echo statement to that one, and also to the included file called cp_functions.php... and again, my test text printed to the screen.

One additional clue... I repeated the installation process and noted one quirky thing at the very end. It said:

Your site
Click HERE to see the home page of your site.

Way to use
[not yet]

Visit XOOPS.org

Why does it say "Way to use [not yet]"? Is that normal behavior or is that telling me something?

Re: New install - blank page

Way to use
[not yet]

That just might be a pointer to what is coming in the future - maybe a page to llink to the manuals at the docs site or something. I don't believe it has anything to do with your installation problem or your blank page. I know some peolpe have had troubles with IIs...I suspect the clue will be in that.

I will change the subject header to try and attract attention to this thread

Re: New install - blank page
  • 2006/10/12 23:27

  • jctsup1

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Did you give the IUSR account Modify permissions to the Cache & Templates_C directory.

We have a pretty detailed guide on installing XOOPS on IIS Systems at my site:

Installing XOOPS on IIS

Jeffrey C. Tindillier, CIW
Microsoft MVP - IIS
IIS Tips, Tricks & Resources

Re: New install - blank page
  • 2006/10/13 13:41

  • rock8

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Thanks very much for your excellant and very detailed tutorial. It does match the procedure that I followed. And I did get "green lights" and successful confirmations the entire way. And I do see the database and tables in phpmyadmin. I DID NOT, however, manually change any permissions, since the install screens where telling me that all was OK... and since I do see my data in mainfile.php, suggesting that write permissions are correct. I am not familiar with IUSR permissions so I'm not sure if I have the ability to alter them. What I do have are permission for "Built-In User" and for "Anonymous". The choices for each are None, Read, Change and Full Access.


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