Re: I have had enough - best wishes to all

@ mamba, broham and debianus

Please try and understand this was not a hasty decision. It is one that has been coming on for months through the challenges and the changes in my personal life and XOOPS is a very small part of that. As I said in my first post - it is first and foremost a personal decision which I have not elaborated upon here because it is not XOOPS related.

However, in coming to that decision I felt obliged to acknowledge it was the lack of appropriate communication that has helped me to make the final decision. I hope that makes sense. I do not blame DJ personally- he is doing his best - I just can't deal with his mode of operation - on a personal level.

@ everyone else - thanks for your kind wishes.


Re: xoopswiki.org

Due to my decision to resign from all things XOOPS i wish to assure those interested in documentation and wiki that ana's wiki has been handed to the foundation and is being established and hosted provately with David. it is in safe hands until the coms or documentation team take it up.


Re: [XoopsTeam] progress - Documentation - June 15th

Due to my decision to resign from all things XOOPS i wish to assure those interested in documentation and wiki that ana's wiki has been handed to the foundation and is being established and hosted provately with David. it is in safe hands until the coms or documentation team take it up.


I have had enough - best wishes to all

It is with deep regret I announce my withdrawal from all nominations and positions within the XOOPS community. I need to be removed from all teams, and current privileges as a moderator.

I have several reasons for coming to this decision but first and foremost I hope you will all respect that this is a personal decision based on personal needs in which I have the primary task of caring for myself and my family first.

Secondly - I was hopeful and excited by the change in leadership here (it made me hang on a bit longer). Alas I feel that little has changed. It seems to me that the lead developer has his own private agenda which contradicts what has appeared in public on too many occasions in the last week. The frustration this causes me as a person prepared to step up and help out is no longer tolerable. the two examples which have affected me most have been a) Moderators authority being pulled out from under them, and b)a new team proposal that has not gone through and process of discussion from the interim council (docs team). I am not prepared to give of my time under such conditions. I am not one for strict rules and procedures, but if there is a nominated procedure or process I do expect to be able to follow it. Under the current circumstances and conditions I cannot.

Thirdly - it is probably time for me to move on to other things. My personal life is undergoing major change - I need to go with that flow and see what is behind the next door. My current XOOPS website is not the treasure to me it once was and my interests have changed. It is time I acknowledged that.

I love having done what I have done here and really appreciate the friends I have made - especially those who have stuck it out. I admire you. I have to be realistic and say I am sorry but I cannot stick it out with you. I have loved xoops, but it is not a priority for me anymore and the way things are going it will need far more time and energy (and patience) than I am prepared or able to give to do it justice.

I wish you all well - and I sincerely hope DJ can alter his current leadership style to better suit the future of this community. It would be nice to one day see XOOPS at the top of the CMS votes again.

I will stay in touch with friends via msn.

Regards and best wishes

Re: [XoopsTeam] progress - Documentation - June 15th

The XOOPS Documentation Team is very critical to the Project.

1 maintain XOOPS official documentation site

1. What or where is the 'official doc site?
2. What happened to docs being part of the communications team agenda?

The XOOPS Communications Team Proposal


- News....

- Promotion
- Documentation
-- Core documentation for developers - aimed at newcomers
-- Theme documentation - aimed at new designers, detail cool and innovative ways to create new themes, other theme docs will be for beginners for how to's on installing themes and making minor alterations
-- XOOPS documentation -aimed at new and experienced users for how to use the XOOPS system.
-- XOOPS Module - aimed at new and experienced users with details of how to use a module, it's features, etc.
-- Road-map - This is perhaps more a job for the devs??? but could be assisted by someone from Com's team???

Now I am really confused...

Re: [XoopsTeam] report - Forum Moderator - status

MOD Note: @Bluestocking I respectfully request you refrain from using all caps. It is still considered by many to be akin to 'shouting' and therefore will be deemed by some - including myself - as shouting and therefore inappropriate behaviour in this community. Participants in this thread have made comment on the use of Caps that clearly indicate this. I suggest that if you wish to emphasise your point you use the formatting options of 'bold, underline, italic or color instead.

jen response: Off topic:

docs is a full time job, add wiki to it, nice fit, and you have a full plate, until the job is done.

I have to disagree with one aspect of this - Docs is never done - they constantly need updating especially if the core team and module develeopers are doing their job of continuing to develop the project. So full plate to get it set up and a system in place yes...but it has to be dynamic.

jen response: Back to topic:

Komakaz wrote:
Therefore, I suggest that the Moderator team is not taken over by the 'Community Coordination' team right now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I quite agree

Blue stocking insists on a moderator label - this has merit as I cannot disagree with some of the points made - but Bender has suggested a compromise:
How about a compromise? We could probably change the "Who is online" box to either add a [Mod] tag or show the mods in color or both. So you can still quickly find one if online but at the same time we are not hiding.

Think that would be acceptable?

Can we please have some feedback on this idea?

Re: [XoopsTeam] report - Forum Moderator - status

Therefore, I suggest that the Moderator team is not taken over by the 'Community Coordination' team right now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


I do have a concern about having one person being on multiple teams.

You are right there - we cannot spread 'selves' too thinly.(those who know me well know I cannot do this myself) To be honest there are two areas I had put my hand up for - docs and moderating - These are areas I have already been working on. Then I have been asked to have a more specific role in the xoopswiki. The team labels became confusing for me and to some extent still are. I am for waiting till the 'teams' are sorted and I see where I can personally function effectively. These teams need to be dynamic - that is open to real life ups and downs and people moving in and out. Once i can see more clearly what the bigger picture is i will know what to do. A clear single post from DJ on the status of teams would help me work out where I have doubled up inappropriately. I will need the weekend to do my own backtracking. I need to do some thinking too.


Re: xoopswiki.org

thanks David. I know you work as fast as you can. We'll get you working as fast as we can bluestocking We all know you have a lot to contribute and are passionate about getting these docs going.

Re: xoopswiki.org

From another thread - the on the moderator team report:

Blue Stocking wrote :Quote:
Being a member of to many teams they do not accomplish ONE job well.

That has been my observation also.My wiki guy/gal has so many irons in the fire I have to sit around and wait until time can be found to work on the wiki.

I would rather be WORKING on something productive than posting on this thread. So would alot of others, that is why they set up their own XOOPS related site. We can't seem to accomplish anything here because the ones in charge have to many other things they are also in charge of.

I like EVERYBODY on this board, they just wear to many hats to do a job well and get the Kudos they deserve for doing that job.

A another BS opinion.

This was in the context of a getting the job done well discussion.

I am not the 'cause' of Bluestocking having to 'sit around and wait until time can be found to work on the wiki.' because I have too many 'irons in the fire'. I currently have one official job at XOOPS.org which is moderating. That's it. I have participated in doc writing and FAQ's in the past as time permits.

I have been asked to take on some leadership in seeing the wiki back up and running as Ana does not wish to have this responsibility. I cannot do this on my own and am relying on others and their skills to help me do this.

The closure of the wiki was not 'caused' by my having too many irons in the fire. It was 'caused' by matters I will not discuss here but rest assured it was not my decision to close it. It is being moved. This takes time. Please do not use it's closure as an opportunity for a dig at my ability to make personal contributions to the XOOPS community. I have been asked to do this. I have said I will. I respectfully request more patience and more respect from you for the fact that I have said I would. I have been honest with you about why there is a need to wait and made a statement about when I will be able to really get it happening.

Eagerly awaiting your new XoopsWiki.

I can also not call the wiki 'my' site. It is a site built by someone else out of love and possible future for XOOPS that is being handed to the XOOPS community. It was hosted and owned privately but now it's status in that regard is changing. the foundation has the site name and a generous xoopser is going to host it for free. I do not own it nor am I financially responsible for it. It is not mine to have, but it will become part of the work of the new communications team and as such I do not have the final say about how it will work. The communications team needs time to come together, to discuss it and to determine it's future. The communication's team is still gathering. This may take even more time than I have already suggested. (although I sincerely hope not)
It ultimately comes down to the leadership of TOM and the direction of the communications team.

So Blue Stocking please be patient. I appreciate you are itching to get started but I cannot make this move any faster than it already is. It does need to belong to the community, and therefore it comes under the scrutiny of the Communications team. I am a member of that new team so I can see the wiki to life, just as I have been invited to do. Right now my hands are as tied as yours.


Re: [XoopsTeam] report - Forum Moderator - status

I back the comments on the difficulties the moderators of the site have had in acting as moderators in recent times.

I vouch for the fact that editing and closing of thread discussions do take place and they are team decisions.

I vouch for the fact that in some cases these decisions have been reversed by someone in a site administration role and this leaves moderators wondering why they bother.

I vouch for the fact that there have been times where moderators themselves have struggled to post calmly in response to contentious posts, but they have apologised for this when they recognise they could have behaved better.

I vouch for the fact that 'all caps' though not stated in original xoopsiquette is considered 'shouting' and has therefore if nothing else been frowned upon and discouraged.

I vouch for the fact that this same team of moderators has spent the last few weeks re-considering xoopsiquette and as a result have come up with the xoopsiquette guidelines for xoopsinfo as a result, and this applies to all members at xoopsinfo - which means those moderating as much as those who do not.

I vouch for the fact that this same group are investigating their own Code of Conduct as moderators and in the process have included research in to 'code of conduct' practices at other websites from which to draw ideas and clarification. I feel positive this will improve on what has been before now.

I vouch for the fact that there was in fact a moderator team report, not as implied by the opening post of this thread that none was made. It was made on the moderator forums, which are not public forums, not on the open to the public space DJ provided. This forum is a work forum where moderators do discuss and record the discipline of posts and as the new lead developer DJ has access to this. I do not like the implication that no report was made at all. It was - and DJ had the opportunity to observe all of the work that has been before now if he had taken the time, and the opportunity, to ask questions and seek clarification. So...true there was no 'public' moderator team report - but there was a report on the status of the team.

I vouch for the fact that moderators do not know all the answers. We help where we can, and rely on the whole community to assist in the answering of questions and appeals for help on the forums.

I vouch for the fact that we have worked without a team leader for some time quite successfully, and in rlaity the only time 'leadership' has been needed and absent is when the flame wars started. That leadership needed to come from admin and we all know that Skalpa was indisposed. The mod team has always been accountable to xoops.org admin. The problem was admin (whoever that may be)was silent. When the leader is unavailable, the one who has ultimate accountabitlity is not around the mod team had to do their best on their own.

I vouch for the fact if it wasn't for their team work you would be lucky if you had even one moderator left here at xoops.org

I do not appreciate the use of a single instance of what someone considers poor moderating to be discussed as 'evidence' of why a certain person is not a good moderator or to use this to pull them from a team that has done it's best within the skills it has to manage in the recent very difficult and trying time. It is a job made extremely difficult recently by the prevalence of flaming, the collapse of the leadership of xoops, and the cries of the community to pull XOOPS together. It is members of this team that have helped to do this and to do so they have had to be more than moderators. They have been forced to take on multiple tasks. Moderators are humans. Humans have emotions that do get in the way, but they can also seek reconciliation.

Now with new leadership moderators need to be given the opportunity to focus on a primary task in a team they choose to be involved in. They will not have to multi-task with all the volunteering going on. Now is not the time to be nitpicking. Now is the time to be saying ok...let's see how this goes. Time is needed to see how this grows.

@BS - I will respond to your wiki comment elsewhere and in another way since I do not think it is relevant to this thread.

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