I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 13:12

  • Djiman

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Guys I have an idea .
Here is my thought ...and if it was only possible to implement it.!!

On the msn groups forum when you start a topic, the message topic has a different background colour (yellow) and it is sticky on the top.
The replies that follows are or have a different background color (white in their case). The topic's main message is always on top and you are not lost about what is being discussed originally.
yes on the newbb or other forums you can have your replies in flat mod or threaded etc..
But you loose contact from the original message for discussion since the first message is threated only as a message..
Is there a way to have that original message in a different colour bg and keep it sticky on the top of the particular topic.
That would have been nice it was possible.

Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 13:17

  • fiammy

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If I understand it right, you mean that the orignal message is always in sight, even if you scroll down to the replies. That has one problem : when the original message is so long it doesn't fit on the screen. Maybe show the first n lines

Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 13:51

  • Djiman

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yeah you are right , that's it.
But some guys should consider not to post a too long message, - or perhaps give the admin the option to limit characters for the original post.

it only came to mind when i was reading and searching this forum here.
it would have been nice not o loose contact from the origianl post and i think it would have kept many same questions and demands from repeating a million times in different topics or even keep peoples from going off topic.

That is just a weird idea thou.

[edit added]

yes as you have said maybe just the first three lines ''and ending witha link to that original message in a pop up window.''

Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 15:37

  • miealex

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I don't know if it's possible to do it but it is a very good ideea indeed. Almost all the time we are losing the very essence of the created thread and why was it created: the main post

Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 17:32

  • Mantooth

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that's an excellent idea. i'd use it because some of the threads in my forums are 15+ pages. it'd be nice if the first post was always "highlighted" on top.

you should go to xoopsforge.com and suggest it to phppp so that he might add it to a future release of cbb/newbb

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Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/27 19:07

  • XenMike

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Alternatively, get proper moderation on your forum and the thread shouldn't veer from the topic, I do agree however that this would be a welcome feature, perhaps you should get onto the people at CBB

Re: I have an idea
  • 2006/7/28 6:14

  • Djiman

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Thanks for the response guys, am still have to build one.. right now am just playing around on local and some thinking before launching myself in any.

The whole cbb-stuff is fine thou- I enjoy surfing around and I try to understand this whole xoo-world - again maybe with that maybe it would have been a big + + +.
I will certainly visit the xoopsforge and post them my trivial-suggestion -hope it is a worthy one

finally, I was just trying to find out how to replace that 'a' with an 'an' that I have in the title!

Re: I have an idea
  • 2006/7/28 7:24

  • Djiman

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'suggesting to xoopsforge:'

Guys you are quicker than this older rusty man like me
I was just going to register and post this on xoopsforge, and guess what! you've made.
great and a million thanks..

Re: I have an idea + one more!
  • 2006/7/28 7:39

  • gtop00

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I was wondering if it could also be used for the private forums: Private forums in a different colour (background or fonts) in order to be easier to distinguish between the public and private forum posts at a glance!

Re: I have a idea
  • 2006/7/28 7:47

  • phppp

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thank you guys.
the idea had ever been in my mind but I forgot it.
Now we are going reactivate it :)


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