Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/10 13:03

  • rabideau

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Like many in this thread, I too have looked at using Joomla (converting my huge number of -for me- XOOPS sites). I would echo that Joomla is very nice and has a slick look & feel. However, I found it more difficult to use/ learn Joomla and I also found the dispersion of websites and information unwieldy. But I've been with XOOPS about 5 years, so I'm biased.

I know that XOOPS has had problems, what software doesn't??? Anyway the thing about this community that is different is that the problems are all here on the site to view. When I encountered the Mambo/ Joomla split "fact" I was unable to find the whole story (maybe that was just my problem or maybe the info is just not on the surface...)

In the main, I have decided to stick with Xoops. I can do a lot with it and I have made some fine friends here. Help is never too far away and things are getting much better than they were last year at this time.

I am hopeful.

The bottom line is XOOPS is not perfect but it is a solid community and you can do an awful lot with the tools.
Pax vobiscum,

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Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/10 13:12

  • davidl2

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I tried out Mambo a couple of times, but frankly... I wasn't very happy

It would suit some people perhaps, but it doesn't suit what I needed....

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/10 18:17

  • hutman

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this is an easy question to answer.

Install both CMS's - play around with them and then when you come across your first problem/question/query ask in the respective forums.

Usefully for me I had an identical request for both joomla and XOOPS when I started - just a simple one about posting news articles.

Within the XOOPS forums I had four answers within three hours and ended with over twenty replies and helpful private messages.

With the Joomla forums I'm still waiting (this was three months ago).

It's the community that makes these open-source programs and it's the community that drives them forward.

For me I know that I can get answers and help for anything I want, with Joomla I know you'll get very little help without having to flash cash before anyone listens...

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/14 7:53

  • teddlesruss

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Just took a look, and the word "mambots" triggered a thought. Is Joomla a fork of Mambo or not? The admin section certainly looks like it - and Mambo failed to work for me under the latest MySQL and PHP, which is why I abandoned using it.

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/14 8:27

  • DIDI5

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Manbot or Joomla is one same product.
The team who created manbot, left manbot and started joomla.
The above is what i read from some where.

With XOOPS I have the impression that you are like in a university.
You are the professor and a student at one sametime.
You can make mistake and the only most severe punishment for you, it will give you a white page that you will fix later on and y'll be the happiest man on the net.

Otherwise you can make mistake and it still work +++ plenty of helps around.

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/14 19:38

  • alitan

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If you are not in a need of a CMS right away, use XOOPS (2.0.13x) and wait for Code-Plus to come out and you'll have the ability to convert to Code-Plus. In fact, Code-Plus has the features of both XOOPS and Joomla such as, multi lingulality, Joomla content managing system, XOOPS groups and permissions system and much more. For more info visit : Www.Code-Plus.org
It's Simple, create what you want with Code-plus!
My Persian Xoops Project:

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/14 20:30

  • tom

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If we're mentioning other CMS's there is also:

E-xoops now known as RunCMS - based on an old branch of Xoops, worth a looking, I believe a member of XOOPS called HalfDead originally took development of E-xoops, after getting annoyed with the slow progress of XOOPS and lack of other things, not sure who it is now.

XoopsCube, for those of you whom love the original developer/creator of xoops, his work still goes on. Yep Ono is the developer for XoopsCube.

XoopsCube is relatively new, and based on one of the more recent branches and releases of xoops.

I've never really tested either of these two, I've heard a few good things about E-Xoops, and I'm sure anything Ono does will be superb.

As some of you may know Code Plus, is developed by John AKA Catz, a very good friend of mine and the ex developer/creator of the WF modules (IE WF-Sections, WF-downloads, etc, etc), this project is still in it's infancy, but after testing this system many times for Catz, I can see it will have a bright future providing continued development. You should really check out their demo version and see what you think.
Kind Regards.


Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/14 23:47

  • Jharis

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Alright guys! This is a free country but lets remember this is a XOOPS forum. Sell your products elsewhere please. You can privetly PM individuals, but please stop blantant product pushing.

don (el paso)
motto - green chili for everything!

Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/15 0:43

  • alitan

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Well, I didn't started it, but once Joomla comes into the play, it is unfair not to talk about other good CMSes.
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Re: Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla
  • 2006/6/15 1:06

  • phppp

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Well, since the subject is "Help Me Decide Xoops or Joomla", the "other CMSes" won't hurt the question too much if the "other CMSes" think they are synonymous or children of "Xoops" or "Joomla"


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