wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/3/30 11:29

  • mitty

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I just moved my XOOPS site to a new server and for some strange reason whenever anyone tries to view a category or download a file in the wmpdownloads module, it shows the XOOPS permission denied page. The group permissions are set right and I have no idea what's causing this. Any similar problems or solutions?

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/3/30 13:17

  • brash

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Weird . What version of PHP and MySQL is the new server running? Do any of the debug modes show anything? Are you able to verify from looking at your wmpdownload tables directly that the permissions are set correctly in the database?

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/3/30 13:54

  • fredski

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Try using WF-Downloads instead.

It has a better permission system so that you can set different permissions for each download category.

Also it has an upload feature that wmp dosn't have. wmp will only allow users to link to a download (leech) from another site.

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/3/30 20:18

  • mitty

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The server has PHP 5 and MySql 4.1 (I think it's 4.1).
I copied the sql table directly from the other server so it should work the same, and I copied the module files directly too. What's really weird is that if I set it so anonymous users can access the download module, it works. What do you mean by debug modes? There aren't any PHP errors on the page, so I'm assuming you meant that :/

And I would consider another module if I didn't have like 400+ files in the downloads section. I also wouldn't want an upload feature; I'm dealing with big files and upload them via FTP to my server and then link to them.

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/3/30 21:32

  • astaldaran

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I use wf-downloads and when you go to download something it always tells me "headers already sent" so yeah hassn't gone live yet...

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2005/4/1 21:24

  • mitty

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Well since I couldn't afford the downtime, I reinstalled another dl module and re-added all the files. Thanks for your help anyway though.

Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2006/2/2 12:43

  • dpawlowski

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There is problem with array_merge() in PHP5.

You have to change line:

$grps = array_merge( $xoopsUser->getGroups(), XOOPS_GROUP_ANONYMOUS);

to line:

$grps = array_merge( $xoopsUser->getGroups(),


Re: wmpdownloads permission problem
  • 2007/12/17 6:04

  • drkih

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I had the same problem, and now I have fixed it using the above mentioned method. Thanks for providing the solution. It is really helpful!


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