Today in history block?
  • 2006/1/21 1:21

  • supernix

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I was curious as to if anyone knew how to have a today in history block that I could add content to kind of like an epheremid module

Re: Today in history block?
  • 2006/1/21 1:44

  • Will_H

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I cant think of a history module....

Well a little block like that is pretty simple to make. no scripting really necessary. Its a bit more work but finding a history module that displays market specific content... might be a little rough.

Basically what you want to do is create a new block and customize it with html, in whatever way you may want to.

You are a company and not like a HVAC supplier. So the history will either need to reflect your company or revolutions/changes/important moments withing the industry.

By using this manor you would need to change your history on a daily basis.

or you could do them all at the same time and adjust the visibility

create 7 blocks and place them all in the same position, this way you can edit the content at the begining of each week and just come back and adjust your visibilty to display the content.

Even if you layed out your block to say "this week in history" you could concentrate on a specific manufacturer or product.

... on this day the Ducane HP10B24 was introduced to the market.... or on this day Efficiency Standards were revolutionized by whatever.

I hate to ramble but I could imagine the frustration. good luck

Re: Today in history block?
  • 2006/1/21 2:02

  • supernix

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I do appreciate your prompt reply.
I do as well appreciate your ideas and help in this matter.

I am actually however wanting to use the Today in History module that I was looking for on the site athttp://www.shotokansite.com/
I moved the site from Dragonfly CMS to XOOPS. I use it for my other sites and now that XOOPS has a good gallery module I switched the Shotokansite to XOOPS.
The Today in history module that was used on Dragonfly was something cool that everyone like reading and are now missing.

I guess however I could use the calendar module for this and just add recurring dates to handle it. That would not be good with lots of content but in it but it would work in a manner of speaking.

Re: Today in history block?
  • 2006/1/21 2:22

  • davidl2

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Try this one:


Re: Today in history block?
  • 2006/1/21 6:22

  • gestroud

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If the epheremid module doesn't work - which it doesn't seem to be doing for some dates, you can try these javascripts.




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