Re: news RSS VALID feed request
  • 2004/8/26 23:05

  • darapera

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Hi Dobephat. I guess you found the problem yes usually its something to do with your content and like your timestamp thing etc. I noticed the Xoops.org backend timestamp is
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 11:30:10 CDT

Which is pretty much the same as yours but maybe yours should read MST instead of Mountain Standard Time... I have no idea how to change this because I haven't had problems with my timestamp before on default XOOPS install. Maybe try the General settings preferences.

Meanwhile check out this question I posted at brandkycoke (RSSfit) site http://www.brandycoke.com/home/module ... c.php?topic_id=37&forum=7
You will see that there is a slight problem in the RSS feed template. Just fix that as they recommended.

I also went to your website and subscribed to http://www.theatreport.com/modules/rss/rss.php. Went to my RSS reader (FireFox Sage) and it came out without any problems so it is working

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/8/27 3:39

  • jdtalley

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Is there a way to have a seperate RSS feed for every news category? Thanks.

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/8/27 4:19

  • DobePhat

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Thank You ! That was helpful.

you would have to use more than one news management like wfsections. and or rssfit seems to have option to deliver by category order at least...

well, still tweaking...

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/8/31 10:19

  • hmagoo

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I have RssFit working well, and it validates. I believe I had to change one of the headers. It was a week or two ago, so I can't tell you exactly what I changed. But, if you view the SOURCE of my feed, not how it shows on the webpage.. The first three lines are like this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<rss version="2.0">

you would change the format/header lines in the template in the XOOPS admin panel. "rssfit_rss.html"
looks like this on my install now:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="<{$rss_encoding}>"?>
<rss version="2.0">

Last time I checked it validated, I will check again after I post this. But, it wouldn't validate until I changed one of the headers. This info may already be on the RSSFit site, at brandycoke.com. Also, for more info on some of the things I messed around with, you can search this forum, as well as the forum at brandycoke.com.

I have it working well with mylinks, booklists, news, and newbbex. I'm probably going to install wfsection or something and get it working on that. The plugins for newbbex and booklists were pretty easily cloned from newbb and mylinks plugins.

Then I added the ability to get the categories from some of the plugins, all of them do now. For the forum you only need to change:
$ret[$i]['category'] = $row['forum_name'];

$ret[$i]['category'] = 'Forum :: '.$row['forum_name'];

for instance to get it to show the category as "Forum :: Sub-Forumname" So the viewer knows where the post is coming from.

so now after making some changes the rss news feed will show web links, and the others as being in the category of "Module Name :: Category".. which is pretty cool for a news feed on a large site. It helps distinguish the posts.

I did a rewrite rule in .htaccess to point http://desertmountains.com/rss.xml
hopefully making it more accessible and easier to type for me..

I have my feed listed in my xoopsheadline module, if you would like to view it there. I don't have much of a forum going, but you should see the other entries for the various plugins.
DesertMountains.com Headlines

ps, if you view my site with Mozilla you can see how I am experimenting with "-moz-border-radius" in CSS to round corners off of elements.

good luck.

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/9/3 14:46

  • DobePhat

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more great advice...thanks.

I have two problems.
One-Icant seem to view the source on our site
two-it says "rss source unavailable for viewing" is this a common thing or is something wrong here?

I ask mainly because you can see it (the source) on your site.


Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/9/3 17:08

  • hmagoo

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I don't know. But I can view the source of your feed with Mozilla Firefox. Maybe try that.

IE says unavailable for viewing.

Excellent site too!!

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/9/5 16:52

  • DobePhat

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Thanks for the kind words on the site. As many others here, We have worked on it very hard...(for no money as of yet of course). The driving force of our 'mission' is to promote the non-profit arts in our city. A news feed is a good way for this.

We are very close to getting rssfit to work for us.
The problem?

Well, for one it doesn't seem to work with XOOPS built in Headlines. And we cant figure out why? Makes me wonder what others may have a problem with it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/9/5 17:29

  • DobePhat

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Just a note:
Thought we'd share:
Silly mistake:

In the rssfit template it calls the css style sheet....which is the reason why we weren't seeing the xml source! We simply removed the line:

<?xml-stylesheet href="rss.css" type="text/css"?>

entirely to get the view we wanted. (the source)
Also of note as mentioned on the brandycoke website...
the line:)

<rss version="2.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

Changed to simply
<rss version="2.0">
As far as the XOOPS headlines feature not seeming to work with it...this appears to be an ongoing discussion on brandycoke and since it's ongoing it may be best to just follow the discussion there.

But much progress made.
Thanks for your assistance.

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/12/15 21:44

  • ajaxbr

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To help making your backendp.php RSS feed validate, you need to get a RFC822 compliant timezone. IMHO, the easiest way to do that is editing /include/functions.php: find the line that has $datestring = "D, j M Y H:i:s T"; in it and replace that T with an O (oh, not zero )

Re: news RSS feed request
  • 2004/12/22 22:13

  • Calipsy

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I am trying to make plugins for RSSFIT, but I cannot make them work.When I click on RSS/XML button nothing happens, I just stay in the same page I was. Well I do not know how to program in php, what I do is to follow the instructions posted in this forum.

Is anyone willing to share their rssfit plugins such as wfsection, wordpress, wordbood, myreviews???

My failured attempt of wordpress plugin:

// $Id: rssfit.weblog.php,v 1.2 2004/05/04 07:34:10 tuff Exp $

class RssfitWeblog{
var $dirname = 'Wordpress';
var $modname;

* private
* Nothing here so far
function RssfitWeblog(){

* private
* Load the module
function loadModule(){
global $module_handler;
$mod = $module_handler->getByDirname($this->dirname);
if( !$mod || !$mod->getVar('isactive') ){
return false;
$this->modname = $mod->getVar('name');
return $mod;

* public
* Grab the entries of your module here
function grabEntries(&$obj){
global $xoopsDB;
$myts =& MyTextSanitizer::getInstance();
$ret = array();
$i = 0;

// The following example code grabs the latest entries from the module weblog
$sql = "SELECT ID, post_title, post_date, post_content FROM ".$xoopsDB->prefix("wp_posts"). " WHERE private='N' ORDER BY created DESC";

$result = $xoopsDB->query($sql, $obj->getVar('rssf_grab'), 0);
while( $row = $xoopsDB->fetchArray($result) ){
// required items
$link = XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'.$this->dirname.'/singlefile.php?id='.$row['ID'];
$ret[$i]['title'] = $row['post_title']; // The title of the item
$ret[$i]['link'] = $link; // The URL of the item
$ret[$i]['guid'] = $link; // Unique identifier, usually url
$ret[$i]['timestamp'] = $row['post_date']; // Item modification date,
// must be in Unix time format
$desc = $row['post_content']; // The item synopsis, or
// description, whatever
$ret[$i]['post_content'] = $myts->makeTareaData4Show($desc);
// optional items
$ret[$i]['post_category'] = $this->modname;
$ret[$i]['domain'] = XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'.$this->dirname.'/';

return $ret;



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