Re: can't create tables

I tried again and chose to keep the libs and data folders in their original location as well as the default table prefix and it worked.

I don't feel like checking the source of the bug but it should be one of those, for those interested in looking.

can't create tables

The installer goes fine until I reach the "Database tables creation" page where it shows that it's unable to create each table.

So I went and double-checked the database information and even tried accessing it from the command line. I was able to create a table with mysql through it's command line with the information supplied to Xoops.

I tried going back and putting in a wrong password and it told me right away there was something wrong.

Could anyone at least tell me how to get the error message so I can properly investigate it?


Re: Pages Loading to the Bottom Problem?

I found the attack in my logs and it seems to have been too easy.

It's as if the hacker didn't even need to login to be able to access admin.php. Is it possible to forge a cookie that would bypass authentication?

If that's the case, how do we fix it ASAP?

Re: Pages Loading to the Bottom Problem?


I got the same issue on my site.

I finally found it in a custom module.

So far I don't know how they put it there but was successfull in removing it.

It was inserted in an iframe withing a custom block.

Make sure to search for iframes in all your custom blocks (from the administration page).

Re: Problem with "Who's Online"


technigrafa wrote:
I am having a similar problem, but Guests are not showing up in the "Who's Online" block at all, only registered users.

hack, but that didn't seem to do anything for me. Anyone know what may be going on? I am using XOOPS


I have the same problem.

After a lot of wasted time, I figured out that the only way to see guests is to allow them to view who's online. Since there is no option to make the block visible depending on the group.

If you turn uncheck the block in the group permissions, guests show 0.

Does anyone have a solution as I'm looking for a way to keep the information for registered members?




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