Any Installation Services Out There?

I haven't had much luck hiring XOOPS providers, but I'm looking to try again after more than a year "pause".

I'm a budding (read: struggling) internet marketer running several sites off of xoops, but I need more done and installed.....so I'm just looking for someone who can install XOOPS and a couple modules like SmartSection on about 10 domains, along with a theme that I will supply, for a reasonable rate.

One thing to note is that to avoid duplicate content and optimize for SEO I'd like smart section to be stripped down (remove print and pdf feature, they sometimes get indexed faster than the actual page you want to) and I'd also like the Smart Section to have the SEO hack on all ten domains.

Please PM me rates, or email me at Mike (at) RakeVIP.com

Re: Classifieds Question Re: Premiums

Also being able to allow free ads for say 14 days and premium ones until sold....would be helpful, while the free ad would just have to relist.

Additionally, allowing say 2 photos with free ads but 6 photos with premium ads etc.

Classifieds Question Re: Premiums

Hi all, I was wondering if any classifieds module would allow me to have both free and paid listings?

I would also need more block options than the current module (i think its called am_ads), as it does't allow for different block display options like "featured" etc which would provide motivation for premium ads?

Re: Finally! Here is a xoops site for you all!

I must say, this is the basic project....wait until aphex takes on the redesign of www.midwestwakeboarder.com ! I really believe that end result will truly showcase XOOPS capabilities. If more people designed with XOOPS like this, you wouldn't hear the comments of "joomla allows more creative design" blah blah.

I would also like to state that aphex didn't just do the theme, he had to reconstruct the website on my server from scratch due to the horrid job the former designer did.

To anyone who followed my (removed) posts on here about said designer, feel free to ask aphex if I was telling the truth about being ripped off.

Aphex is an asset to xoops.org, highly reccomended!

Re: Finally! Here is a xoops site for you all!

Only one designer has ripped me off, myxoops did some good work for me to but yes i have had a hell of a time.

Finally! Here is a xoops site for you all!

My flooring site was finally redone after being ripped off by another designer as some of you may or may not be aware of.

This new design is great! Many thanks to Aph3x for the complete site design and new theme.


I was always told XOOPS was very limited in design and thats why it has that blocky look, aphex proved that wrong.

Anyone in need of a theme visit www.aphexthemes.com for a great designer.

Re: Desperately seeking HELP!

Thanks Will, looking forward to any help I can find.

Any examples of your work? I couldn't find a portfolio on your site....I am not terribly picky but I have had experiences on this board that make me careful.


Is there a list of xoops designers anywhere?????

Google results pull only one designer that frauded me and xoopsexperts.com whichs seems like a great idea but doesnt have much traffic.

Is there a compiled list of reputable designers that work with XOOPS as their platform?

I am DESPERATE here!

Re: Major help needed fixing Xoops-based community

Sorry to hijack but I have major issues with a community as well!

www.midwestwakeboarder.com and almost NO modules are working properly.

Help anyone?

Desperately seeking HELP!

Site in question is www.mikeshardwoodfloors.com

I gain most of my employment through this website as I have decided to try to be "cutting edge" and spend my marketing budget here rather than through traditional print (i.e yellow pages).

I had a designer originally build this site and another for me, but when she was contracted to "move" the site/s to a different hosting provider (that she solicited me to do for a commission) she corrupted the database somehow and never fixed it.

Here is where I am: I have been working with another "new" designer on this project but not much has been to fix it, I suspect she is just too busy with other projects and is hard to get ahold of.

I REALLY need someone that can communicate with me via email or IM on a regular basis that can either a. fix this website or b. build me a new one QUICKLY.

I have had my PPC campaigns (where I get my work) on hold now for over a month, and as of next week I am effectively unemployed and the payment of my mortgage is seriously in question.

Please review the site, as it stands all "works" or "photos" have been completely wiped out, the database refuses to take any uploads to re install them, and I was originally hoping to improve the site in terms of SEO and better ways of displaying my "before" and "after" photos.

I have had mixed feelings on the XOOPS community in the past, as I was robbed by a designer who solicited me from this board....but I have also had some very generous people donate their time and advice to me so I am really hoping someone out there with a knack for design can take on this project at a fixed bid or a rate of 25 dollars per hour.

Contact me at mjmurphy53711@yahoo.com

If I am impressed with your work, I have www.midwestwakeboarder.com that has the same database issues and needs a facelift along with six other websites.

Xoops designers, I am calling out for your help! Help me save my business and my employment before funds run out, I have a baby on the way!

Any advice would be appreciated if anyone could reccomend a designer, or should I check out mambo or joomla designers and have a start from scratch? Anyone?

Anxiously awaiting any help.

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