Re: Hacking or MySQL Injection Attempt?

I recently got hacked by an old version of the sadmind worm. and got similar log entries - it shut my site down and I endud up having to delete and start over

Re: Setting Permissions on windows 2003 server

Here is a new one for you - I switched my domain on our company network from is to corp. I installed XOOPS as a departmental intranet, however when I am in the is domain I can do all the admin stuff, but when I am in the corp domain, nothing works It tells me that I do not have permissions to tha area, does anyone know where it is identifying my domain so I can troubleshoot.

Re: Groups Permission Issue


ackbarr wrote:
what version of xhelp are you using?
if you turn on PHP Debugging (System->Preferences->General Settings) then try to log a ticket again do you see any errors?

What is the domain for your site?
What is the XOOPS_URL setting in mainfile.php?

I suppose that turning on the debug would help <Turns Red>

I can't give you the URL - it is being used as an intranet. Using a Win2k3 server.

I am using xHelp version 7

The error I get is:

Fatal errorCall to a member function on a non-object in d:inetpubwwwrootxoopshtmlheader.php on line 112
[PHP]: Undefined indexHTTP_HOST in file d:inetpubwwwrootxoopshtmlincludecommon.php line 234
[PHP]: Undefined indexHTTP_USER_AGENT in file d:inetpubwwwrootxoopshtmlincludefunctions.php line 433

The last 2 tell me I haven't disabled anonymous access for those files on the server - which I changed and still got the same error when I had the team member try to log another ticket.


Re: Groups Permission Issue

BTW...I chose the "Notify me of new posts in the current thread." for this thread and got a blank page x 5, in the subsequent requests it told me error: forum not selected.

Just FYI

Re: Groups Permission Issue


Mithrandir wrote:
Ok, we'll just look through functions registered users are allowed to do and see what we come up with.

OR, you could be more specific about things like "functions", "not being able to" and "allowed" - that way we might get further

Is that a hint of sarcasm I detect? :)

My fault for not being more specific.

Since I have xHelp ticket module installed and set registered members to have module access rights, hell even module admin rights - they are unable.

If I log in as them on MY pc it will let me log a ticket
If they try it from their PC it tells them they do not have access and boots them to the login screen.

Sounds weird I know...so I go to their PC and log in as me (the webmaster god of my domain - no rights are refused to me) and the same thing happens to me.

So my conclusion is there is an IP cache of some sort - maybe a computer name cache.

So I update to 2.0.6 from 2.0.3 and it now lets them open the log ticket form, and when they hit submit it takes them to a blank page, so I type &debug=1 on to the end of the url and still nothing. So obviously I am lost.

So can the white wizard that is Mithrandir show me the enlightened path?

Re: Groups Permission Issue


Dave_L wrote:
Browser Check may be useful here.

Nice little toy you have there.....but nope didn't tell me anything. I am pretty sure this is a bug.

Groups Permission Issue

I am having trouble with an issue of users not being able to use functions which registered users are allowed. I log off my pc (where it works) and log onto their PC and it doesn't let ME (The God OF My Domain) do it either - anyone else having this issue or know where I am going wrong?????

Re: Who is using Shop Module xoopsshop_v0_2b_michae_baecker ?


joeiscoffee wrote:
Mestophales, have tried to use the osc mod "order without account?"

Nope - have you?

Re: Who is using Shop Module xoopsshop_v0_2b_michae_baecker ?

I have it installed an will be turning the new site live on Fridat Dec 17th. You are welcome to peruse the site as it is functional, I am having some issues with the Shop theme background colors and what not, but it does work like a charm.
TEK By Design

Re: Trying to modify a Module - just a quick question


carnuke wrote:
Your answer was here all the timehttps://xoops.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=268

Yes, it was - I found it after I posted the topic. Thank You very much!

Thank ALL of you for your help!

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