Re: Flash in xoops themes?

Well, thank you guys for help but I still think that didn't solve that what I wanted to know.
For header (or banner) it’s pretty simple (I did actually found out on my own in the end) but for every block’s header or footer is a little harder. You see, footer can be included in block (I mean every, left/right/cc/lc/rc block) in a way as we add the header for a whole website. But, header for a block is a little harder and that’s what I want to know how. If we just add it as we added it for whole website, the block’s header will show and will work but the “title” of that block wont be on that flash header but either below it or above it. In normal image header, we just add in <td …………… background=”some image.jpg”> and we have block’s title in the image, depending as we chose, left/right/center. So, I want to know (if it’s possible) how to add flash header for a block and so that we can have our block’s title on that flash header and not below/above it?
Thank you.

Flash in xoops themes?

I want to know how to put flash things in place where usually images are in normal XOOPS themes.
For example, if I usually use this: "<td width="750"><img src="<{$xoops_imageurl}>images/header.jpg" /></td" for adding a header picture to my website theme, what I have to do to replace this image header with flash header? I tried with just adding another different link but I ended with not loading flash header.
Any help will be good. Thank you.

Re: Blocks & background color

OK, I found it on my own! Who ever is in a problem like I have been, use command “<br>”. Put it in main theme.html just before the “<{/foreach}>”. Every block (left, right, ccenter, lcenter, rcenter) has an command like “<{foreach item=block from=$xoops_lblocks}>” which ends with “<{/foreach}>”. Well, put that “<br>” just before that “<{/foreach}>” and your problems are gone.

Re: Blocks & background color

OK, no one doesn’t seem to know this, but I tried also with padding (top, bottom, right, left) and again I get the distortion of images. Is there an easier way? Please.

Blocks & background color

How to make an empty space between 2 blocks (lets say 2 left blocks)? Cellspacing/cellpadding doesn’t work because my blocks are made out from 3 images. 1st is the title, 2nd is the background & 3rd is the bottom image. If I use cellspacing/cellpadding images just go up/down/left/right for the amount of pixels set for cellspacing or cellpadding. Maybe I’m just using wrong command because I’m still a newbie but any help is appreciated.
Also, is it possible to add a gradient effect to background color of the whole skin?

Re: Mouse pointer

Thank you all!

Mouse pointer

Ok, this could be a stupid question but ok. Is there a way to change the mouse pointer when someone opens my web site? I mean, can the theme be so coded that it replaces the default mouse pointer look and change it to my custom made mouse pointer look.
Thank you!

Re:Firefox & Mozilla browsers and Xoops themes

I have XOOPS see this pictures of themes on my site when I open them with Firefox.

Re:Installing New Theme

Templates are in .tar/.gz formats. In admin menu you can upload templates but themes you must upload via FTP.

Re:Firefox & Mozilla browsers and Xoops themes

1.0. All themes have this problem when you load the site in Firefox, the left blocks are allways to big in width.

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