Re: Secure liaise pages with SSL - broken lock

Whoops, Okay I see what's causing my problem. It's the javascript xoops.js line after the head. When I remove that I get a pretty non-broken lock icon in the browser.

So I guess I'll hunt down where that code comes from and change the http to https.

Anyone know where the http:// comes from? In the theme is just has:

<script type="text/javascript">

And I don't see anything in the /include/xoops.js that creates the http part of the link.

Anyone else know?

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

Re: Secure liaise pages with SSL - broken lock

Thanks, yeah I remember the OSC integration into XOOPS was tricky for me to get the SSL stuff working. I have a contact that is really good at OSC - if you need further help, I can give you her contact info, but she is not cheap and she is very busy

All of my images in the site I posted have relative URLs, so they don't start with http or https. As far as I know that won't break the SSL validation, but I could be wrong about that.

I was wondering if the line:

<form name="liaise_5" id="liaise_5" action="http://www.magnet.edu/modules/liaise/index.php" method="post"

was causing the problem. I'm not sure how forms affect SSL validation.

Anyone have any idea about this stuff?

Re: Secure liaise pages with SSL - broken lock


Re: Trouble implementing SSL login

I am using the SSL login with XOOPS and have a question. When the secure login windows pops up, everything seems to be okay, but when logging in the browser always complains with this pop up box:

Resized Image

And that is annoying because it makes our clients wonder whether it is really secure. I guess my question is - Is it really securing the login and how do I keep this pop-up window from appearing?

Secure liaise pages with SSL - broken lock

We are using XOOPS for this site and want to secure a couple Liaise forms using our SSL certificate, but in Firefox we get a broken lock icon and in IE it says some items are not encrypted:


I've clicked the broken lock with Firefox and checked out the media links, but they all seem to be okay. How do I find out what's causing the SSL to break? Is it the Liaise form submit URL? If so, how do I change it to submit to the https address instead?

Re: Problem with clear:both attribute in templates

Ouch, that sounds tricky. I applaud you for going CSS for your formatting. We've started doing that, but so far we have not gotten into editing all the templates for each module we use to strip out the tables and unneccesary formatting.

MODULE DEVELOPERS: Stop using tables and HTML for formatting in your blocks--use DIVS!

I think you may have to search and replace that module for <BR style="clear:both"> and replace with regular <BR> or with clear:none. I haven't seen any other module that use a clear CSS tag--hopefully this is the only module with that in there.

When I view the source on your page I see clear:all, but "all" isn't even a proper option for "clear" in CSS, as far as I know your options are left, right, both and none.

I could be wrong but I don't think wrapping items in a container will help that problem. The clear tag applies to any other floated items on the page I believe.

Good luck!

Re: FCKeditor popup menus go off the screen and get cut off


I have run into this some problem on another client's site now, so it's not the server. ALSO, it only seems to happen in FireFox/Mozilla based browsers and it looks like only on XOOPS 2.2.x installations. Anyone have a clue what could cause something like this?

Here's a screenshot of it happening:
Resized Image

Sometimes you can't even see this much of the text on the menus as it's pushed completely off the screen.

FCKeditor popup menus go off the screen and get cut off

I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this, as it is more of a fckeditor issue than a XOOPS issue, I think, but I have not run into any solutions at the fckeditor website.

I am using:

And for one client I am having the following problem:
When editing a page in the "Content" module, and you right click on an element, such as a teble cell, the popup menu goes way off the screen on both sides and I can't read the text on the menus.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what could cause it? I have used this module many times with no such problem. This particular client is not on our webserver--could it have something to do with the server?

I have removed my theme CSS file to test if somehow those were conflicting, but that didn't work. I am running XOOPS 2.2.4.

HELP! Thanks!

Re: PAID PROJECT: MyAlbum-P Sorting images and categories

Okay, thanks, I think we have a winner. This job is closed for now.

PAID PROJECT: MyAlbum-P Sorting images and categories

Would anyone be willing to add the functionality of sorting images and categories to the MyAlbum-P module? The sorting of XCGal is nice, but for this particular client, they don't like it's interface, and prefer myalbum-p.

I don't need anything fancy, just the ability to rank their order in the admin section and on the edit image/category screens.

If you are interested, email me or AIM me telling me what you would charge for this work.


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